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With its historical and cultural values, Kahramanmaraş is on the way to becoming a Smart City and Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality continues to work continuously in order to offer the best service to the public.

Having built the future of Kahramanmaraş by using public resources efficiently and effectively, the Metropolitan Municipality is making use of smart systems at this point.

the first time the Spiritual Son for actuating the button application in Turkey, using national software pardus, towards digital conversion with fiber-optic network advancing and e-government gate serving Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality, 'Smart Cities Kahramanmaras our citizens with the promotional film informs.

Rapidly moving towards becoming a Smart City, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities without interruption in order to provide the best service to the public.

VMSs (Variable Message System) used as traffic management and information screens transmit information to citizens and drivers. The system does not only consist of the screens seen. In the background, there are sensors that count the vehicles at important points of the city. With these sensors, density maps are created and traffic analysis is done.

And the citizen is shown on the screens to make the choice of comfortable and comfortable road.

Apart from this, Buses, Airport, Hospital, travel points, such as the point of time to reach the point by using technology is provided information about how many minutes.

The Traffic Management Screens will also provide information on the Off-Roads, One-Way Roads, Accident Situations or Extraordinary Disaster and Weather events dynamically.

Fiber optic network, which is the basis of these projects and which is the infrastructure of Smart cities, has reached 95 km. The fruits of this began to be taken. Studies on this subject continue rapidly.

Thanks to the smart city applications carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş, everything is now faster and man and nature friendly projects are produced.

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