Attention to Bags Under Eye!

Pay attention to bags under the eyes
Pay attention to bags under the eyes

Medical Aesthetic Physician Dr. Sevgi Ekyor drew attention to the importance of the eye contour in revealing facial beauty. He gave information about the appropriate treatment methods for people with detention problems.

Cheek problems are also seen in 90% of people with detention bags. Fat loss and weakening in the cheek area causes the skin under the eyes to go down. The increase in fat and liquid structures in the lower tissue also causes the problem of bagging. Wrinkles, detention collapse and bruises can also be seen in many people next to the bag. Therefore, if we want to solve all of them, it can be treated by combining with the fillers and mesotherapy treatments we spread throughout the sessions. We begin to see benefits close to 60% from such multiple treatment methods even in the first session. However, we can continue bag mesotherapy for 2,3,4 sessions depending on the person, in order to get the result settled and to get more efficiency.

Mesotherapy is the application of different natural and biological factors to the problematic area for different pathologies and different diagnoses we see on the face. Mesotherapy is applied under the skin. The important thing here is to decide which active ingredient for diagnosis will be applied in how many sessions. Achieving this ideal treatment criterion is a physician's art. For this reason, it should be applied by physicians.

The skin has a memory. It will try to make an effort to return the treated place. For this reason, we are trying to reach a result by completely changing the codes of these problems. For example, if there is a collagen or vitamin deficiency in a patient with a detention bag, these treatments should be done correctly and the deficiencies should be eliminated. In addition, we examine their lifestyle and pace. For example, bagging problem can be seen in people who work at desk jobs and are exposed to computer rays or do not sleep at night. In such cases, we recommend extra care or habit change.

Under-eye light filling is also a method we frequently use to eliminate the problems around the eyes. It is used to eliminate bruises and pits under custody. Although their permanence varies, it lasts for an average of 12-15 months.

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