Massey Ferguson Virtual Reality System Has Been Renewed

With massey ferguson virtual reality farmer is almost there
With massey ferguson virtual reality farmer is almost there

With the virtual reality system of Massey Ferguson, the product that the farmer wants can be shown in 3-dimensional detail at the fair, in the showroom or even in the field. The virtual reality system of AGCO's world-renowned agricultural machinery brand Massey Ferguson, which allows customers to view products in 3D and with VR glasses, even with laptops and tablets, has been renewed.

Massey Ferguson, one of the most innovative brands that integrates advanced technology into agricultural production with the budget allocated for R&D, has been updated to the VR (Virtual Reality) pages, which are the most realistic experience designed to be used with web-based or VR glasses. . Virtual reality pages, which can now be accessed from anywhere with a convenient interface like a laptop, can also be accessed online with tablets or smartphones.

The virtual reality pages, designed by Massey Ferguson as the perfect tool for presenting the details of their products, stand out for being simple, modern, intuitive and easy to use. In this way, dealers and sales teams can easily display the products they are interested in in 3D in all face-to-face meetings, fairs, dealer showrooms or wherever the customer is there.

It is also possible to walk around the tractor to inspect or enter the cabin.

By clicking the links on the virtual reality pages, any selected product range displayed at Intuitive Virtual Reality Dealer Sales Points can be viewed. In remote customer calls, product features can be shown via screen sharing.

With Massey Ferguson's virtual reality pages, product features are presented with detailed videos, product brochures and photos, while you can move around the product and zoom in and out. With virtual reality, the inside of the design can be seen in detail, and even the cabinets of the machines can be entered.

Virtual reality is used since the design phase

Massey Ferguson's engineering teams also use virtual reality to design products. This advanced design technique enables engineers to visualize the product in a virtual environment and to participate in the optimization of the machines at the earliest stage by examining the product they developed with 3D glasses.

"The design is perfected before prototypes are produced"

AGCO Turkey General Manager Hasan Mete, this design technique with the engineering team, said they were perfecting prototypes before verifying the design of the product produced. Mete Has said, “With virtual reality, engineers can examine the usability of areas such as cabinets and controls and control component assemblies. "This increases the efficiency of the product development process and reduces the number of prototypes required, allowing the new product to be brought to the market faster."

"We have always been a pioneer in the integration of technology into the sector"

AGCO, the digitalized world, the fastest pace Has Met underlines that one of the brands, farmers are offered remote access technology also emphasized that they were pioneers in Turkey. Mete Has stated that thanks to the VR system used by AGCO, the farmers were provided with the opportunity to see and examine the machines they are interested in, although they were not in the showroom at that moment, and that the opportunity for sales representatives to show the machines they are interested in, also provided a significant time saving for the farmers.

Turkey Has Met General Manager AGCO, "AGCO is always a pioneer in the integration of the industry's latest technology, as the pandemic period, so further evaluation continues focusing its R & D investments. AGCO spends $ 1 million a day, about $ 400 billion a year, on R&D worldwide. Supporting farmers and agriculture is our basic company policy. For this reason, we prioritize continuous development and aim to contribute to production and efficiency by developing new technologies ”.

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