Spring Breeze on Your Skin

spring breeze on your skin
spring breeze on your skin

We want to enjoy spring to the fullest, but sometimes allergies don't allow it. Flu, eye redness, burning, itching caused by pollen can poison spring. Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO helps to refresh the skin by soothing the irritations that occur on the skin in spring with the Green Tea mask, which is integrated with the smart mask therapy device UFO and UFO. Bringing the SPA experience to your home, UFO renews your skin in the refreshing air of spring.

The brightly shining sun, a sparkling sky, the cool breeze, the chirping birds, the awakening of nature… Spring is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful seasons… It fills people with excitement and happiness. However, sudden weather changes in spring, the pollen of trees, flowers and herbs, especially affect allergic bodies seriously. Runny noses, red eyes, itching and even shortness of breath can be seen. In this period, problems such as irritation and redness may occur in the skin, and in the future, this problem may grow more and bring problems such as eczema and urticaria. Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO helps soothe irritated skin in spring with its smart mask therapy device UFO and its purifying mask Green Tea.

Pay attention to these rules!

In order to prevent allergic problems in the spring, it is necessary to stay outside in dry and breezy weather and be more careful in the morning and evening hours when pollen density is high. Experts recommend wearing sunglasses during the pollen season to protect the eyes. When your eyes feel itchy, burning and dry, you can apply cold dressing and use tear drops. During this period, it is imperative not to keep the windows open too much, but to ventilate the environment sufficiently… If you are drying the laundry outside, do not hang the laundry during pollen hours, use a dryer if possible. If you are using allergy medications, do not neglect them. Drink plenty of fluids, enough fluids will help your body retain its natural moisture, so you won't have any extra problems caused by dryness.

Effective maintenance in seconds

The smart mask therapy device UFO, which combines Korea's exclusive mask formulas with improved dermal technology, prevents the irritation on your skin in spring with a Green Tea mask. Green Tea mask gently purifies the skin and soothes irritated skin thanks to Japanese green tea, one of nature's most powerful sources of antioxidants.

Achieving more than a 20-minute paper mask can offer in just seconds, UFO uses Hyper Infusion Technology, which harbors the power of T-Sonic ™ vibrations as well as your skin's natural response to heat and cold, so you can get the most out of mask therapy. The thermotherapy mode heats your skin up to 45 degrees slowly, and the cryotherapy mode cools your skin up to 5 degrees, allowing the active ingredients of the mask to be instilled into your skin. While the thermotherapy mode reduces the appearance of the pores, the cryotherapy mode helps to reduce the swelling on your skin. UFO, which also includes LED light therapies, thus reduces skin imperfections, reduces the effects of aging by allowing the body to secrete extra collagen, and balances the color tone of the skin. UFO, which ensures that skin care products such as serums, gels and creams you use are better absorbed by your skin, allows you to get maximum efficiency from these products.

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