Minister announced from the institution Elazig: Houses will be completed in 1 year

the ministry announced the elazigdan housing will be completed in the year
the ministry announced the elazigdan housing will be completed in the year

The Minister of Environment and Urbanization The institution attended the coordination meeting held at the mass housing construction site in Bizmişen District within the scope of its contacts in Elazig, visited the sample apartment in the construction site and received information about the work carried out.

Later, the Institution, which made investigations in Sivrice district, the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred in the city on January 24, listened to the problems and demands of the citizens who met it.

Answering the questions of the citizens, Murat Kurum stated in his speech that the purpose of the projects carried out after the earthquake is that the citizens live in solid and safe residences.

“We started working on 19 thousand 300 independent departments”

Stating that some of his relatives, children, relatives or neighbors were lost in the earthquake, and some of them were injured under the rubble, Murat Kurum said, “All units of our state were mobilized within the framework of the instructions of our President. Our governors, deputies, mayors, gendarmerie, and police have made an effort to do everything quickly for our citizens and Sivrice. ” he spoke.

Stating that they have been trying to carry out the process very carefully and precisely in order to prevent citizens from being victimized, the institution said, “We have started working on 19 thousand 300 independent departments in Elazig. I hope we will deliver to our citizens in stages starting from the end of the 8th month and hopefully we will deliver all of them within a year. ” used the expression.

Things accordance with the regional architecture for residential, low-rise, livable, every detail of citizens think they tell the Minister on behalf of the Authority, he said the projects carried out in the city they want to be an example to Turkey.


Emphasizing that all teams are working sensitively in accordance with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Authority said:

“Sivrice, the epicenter of the earthquake, and there is an active fault. This fault line passes right next to the district center. We examined the fault line in detail. You know, Sivrice-centered earthquake is constantly going on. We did our work together with our university, scientists, where is the place suitable for settlement. As a result of that work, we made a general map of Sivrice. We cannot allow building in any way in the area where the fault line passes. We cannot keep the home of our 40-50 citizens, who are on the active fault, new or intact here. Why can't we hold it because it has an active fault line underneath. In other words, even if it was not destroyed in this earthquake, it is very likely to be destroyed in the next earthquake. ”

Murat Kurum, who stated that they are designing a project with 419 residences in accordance with the regional architecture, stated that this project will make Sivrice the center of attraction not only for Elazig but also for the region.

The institution pointed out that all social equipment that may be needed in the project will take place and said:

“Now I do not think that anyone in this area has objections to heavy and moderately damaged buildings. We have to demolish all kinds. Without demolishing and replacing the floor plus 1 or 2 floors, we will carry out the sample project with stone and wood coverings. We do not want to search for anyone under the wreckage in neither Sivrice nor Elazig in a future earthquake, let God show it. With this understanding, we carry out our work with this meticulousness. Thank you, you have always supported us, you have always been with us, and I hope we will continue this work with this understanding. ”


The Minister said that they would evaluate the demands of those who remain within the project area but do not want to be demolished because the building is intact.

“If the building in this area is undamaged, it is new, or if it really works well in our reviews and it does not seriously affect our project, we will not demolish any building. If the building is not strong, even if it is slightly damaged in our determinations, when we go to look at it, when we do the experiments, if this building is risky, we have to demolish that building. ” Using the expressions, the Authority said:

“Because your life is our life. Your child is entrusted to us, entrusted to you. That's why we have to protect it all together. This is our framework. Within this framework, we will hold the tender in June and we will finish our constructions quickly. If there are solid buildings, I underline again, we do not have to demolish those solid buildings. We do not have such a duty anyway. We will remain solid, but if it affects our project, we will talk, sit, agree. ”

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