Quality of Life Will Increase in Buca Metro

buca metro will improve the quality of life in Izmir
buca metro will improve the quality of life in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who attended the regular assembly meeting of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce in January, called for unity for the goal of "World city Izmir".

Izmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO) Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, who attended the regular assembly meeting of January, started his speech by drawing attention to the deep sadness caused by the Elazig earthquake. Stating that the materials needed are collected and sent to the region with the sensitivity of the citizens and the contribution of the Fruit and Vegetable Market artisans, Tunç Soyer said that the winter tents will soon set out.

A new ecosystem for Izmir

Saying that İzmir has been one of the biggest and most important trade cities of the Mediterranean since the early 1800s, President Soyer said, “Trade is one of the most important values ​​that make İzmir İzmir and makes this city we live in special. Izmir Chamber of Commerce is one of our most important stakeholders, who endeavor to protect this important heritage like our municipality and make İzmir a world city. ”

Emphasizing that they are trying to create a new ecosystem in İzmir and emphasizing the importance of working with all the institutions and structures of the city, President Soyer said, “This city has a potential that cannot be shallowed by political separations. We need to develop more projects. We regularly meet with the officials of İzmir Chamber of Commerce, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, organized industrial zones and professional chambers. The way to grow is through adding strength to each other's strength. Such a union is needed for İzmir to become a world city. ”

“All we have to do is to hand in hand”

Emphasizing that innovation and entrepreneurship are vital for İzmir, President Soyer emphasized that they are carrying out works that will attract investor actors and creators to this city.

Stating that they have taken very important steps in the tourism sector, Soyer said, “İzmir International Fair will be held this year with the Mediterranean theme, as a meeting of the blue continent. Reminding that Terra Madre, the world's most famous gastronomy fair, will be held for the first time in a country outside Italy, in 2021, President Soyer said, “The World Culture Summit will be in İzmir in 2021. We are also trying to make İzmir the European Youth Capital. We are working to organize the Botanic EXPO in this city in 2026 and to make the World EXPO in 2030. İzmir has enormous potential to become a world city with Ephesus on one end, Bergama on one end, flamingos and gastronomy, but it does not make sense if we cannot tell the world. All we have to do is hand in hand. Of course, we focus on infrastructure and transportation projects in order for İzmir to bear such a burden. Buca Metro is the most concrete example of this. Buca Metro is not just a metro. With Buca Metro, the quality of life will increase in Buca. We will witness the increase in the quality of life in İzmir with the increase of light rail systems in the city, underpasses and strengthening of sea transportation ”.

“We are ready for overtime”

Mahmut Özgener, the Chairman of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, started his speech by saying that they sent the supplies to the region together with the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry for the earthquake in Elazig. Özgener said, “We are proud of working with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the common goals of Izmir. Our primary goal is to attract new investments to the city and to diversify international organizations. We meet with President Tunç Soyer on the first Thursday of every month and convey the problems that come to us from our committees. In this way, many of our problems are resolved quickly. ” Touching on the importance of cooperating with the International Izmir Fair, Özgener said, “We are ready to spend a lot of time on this subject.”

Map of Buca Metro

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