İMO President Warns: 'Gündem Kanal Should Be an Earthquake Istanbul, Not Istanbul'

channel istanbul
channel istanbul

President of İMO, Cemal Gökçe, said that the earthquake in Elazığ was a big warning to remove Kanal Istanbul from the country's agenda and replace Earthquake Istanbul. Gökçe suggested that 100 thousand buildings would be demolished in a possible Istanbul earthquake and 150 thousand people would die if the earthquake occurred at night and 50 thousand during the day.

SözcüAccording to Erdogan Süzer's report, Gökçe said, “Our buildings were rotten, urban transformation was made for rent, not for earthquakes. Reconstruction amnesty further increased the risk. Despite Elazig, if we do not see the earthquake reality and take precautions, this country cannot cope with the Istanbul earthquake. ”

İMO President Gökçe said that after the Elazığ earthquake, the fault lines were spoken on TVs and the main thing to talk about was not the faults but the rotten buildings. Gökçe said, “There are no faults in this country. He knows what fault where you ask the child. The energy of the society is tried to be evacuated with faults. What society should know is whether the buildings in which they live are rotten or not. No matter which municipality's building archive is opened, you will see that at least 80 percent of the buildings are not earthquake safe. So it collapses in the earthquake, it has no escape. These buildings must be made earthquake safe, ”he said.

While Gökçe stated that all the buildings in the country should be complied with the engineering rules and principles and earthquake regulations, and that new buildings should be built in this way, he also wanted to give up the method of leaving the inspections to 3-5 years of engineers. Stating that 1999 years have passed since the 20 earthquake, Gökçe stated that he was trying to make a transformation instead of urban transformation, and said: “The whole country discusses an artificial agenda called Kanal Istanbul, not the Istanbul earthquake. The earthquake we experienced in Elazığ Sivrice becomes an earring in the ears of those who call Channel Istanbul. Istanbul earthquake will not be like Elazig. Turkey can not stand up under it. Mobilization should be declared. Istanbul's mean failure means the failure of Turkey. "

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