The Minister Institution Examined Earthquake Houses in Malatya

minister examined the earthquake houses in malatya
minister examined the earthquake houses in malatya

Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, stated that they aim to achieve 300 thousand house transformation every year, "Our goal is to transform 5 and a half million houses with urgent priority in 1 years." said.

The Minister Institution made examinations in the ongoing residences in the Taşbaşı District for earthquake victims in the Pütürge district of Malatya.

Site is located in a statement after the investigation in the field of Institution, he said that from tomorrow onwards initiated the normalization process of Turkey in general.

Explaining that they have restarted their field visits with the normalization process, the Institution stated that they gave an exemplary stance to the whole world by giving a great examination as a country in the pandemic process.

Recalling that the organization worked with all its organizations in line with the goals set by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on behalf of urbanism such as public gardens, urban transformation, infrastructure, sewage, drinking water, walking path, bicycle path, he continued as follows:

“During the pandemic process, we followed the works with video conference meetings. We held meetings to solve problems in our cities, districts, towns and cities, and we tried to take action on the field quickly with the necessary decisions in these meetings. Of course, we do work on behalf of the city at these meetings were the steps we take on behalf of Turkey in 2023. Now the pandemic process has been completed and as of June 1, we have started the normalization process. Yesterday we were in Elazığ and today we are in Malatya. ”


Referring to the work carried out on the earthquake in Elazığ Sivrice center on 24 January, the Minister Institution said:

“In Elazığ and Malatya, we are making a radical urban transformation to meet this need for our citizens' housing needs. Now we are realizing our projects in 7 different projects in Malatya, both in the centers and in rural areas and in our villages. In this context, we have started the construction process of 4 thousand 244 houses in Malatya. In this process, we carried out damage assessment works in 48 thousand buildings. We have done these damage assessment studies very quickly and completed the damage assessment studies that include 136 thousand independent sections. While these studies are continuing, we have started all projects to be made on behalf of the new Malatya in order to take fast action, and we have tried to complete all the houses within a year as we promised our citizens and actually started the construction of approximately 2 houses in the field. At the moment, the roughs of our constructions are about to be finished in Pütürge. Hopefully we will deliver our homes in Pütürge until the end of the year. Hopefully, we will hold their opening with the wishes of our President. ”

The Institution pointed out that they carried out these projects quickly in order to meet the needs of the citizens during urban transformation and disaster, as an example to the whole world, and continued as follows:

“These projects that we will realize will be ground plus 2-3, one-storey, steel structures in agriculture and village practices, in accordance with the local architecture with a barn. Within the framework of these designs, the social needs of our citizens will be projects including the needs such as school, mosque, green area, walking path, bicycle path. Hopefully, we will have taken very important steps in both Malatya and its districts on the way to 2023. We will have realized these projects as we promised. ”


Minister Institution reminding that the lots were drawn within the scope of the “100 Thousand Social Housing Project” and “Hopefully, we are making them in stages by making their tenders fast until the end of June. We will also realize this project that will meet the accommodation needs of our citizens. We have 678 social housing projects in Malatya. In this context, we will draw the rules from next week and deliver social housing to our citizens. ” he spoke.

Explaining that they are designing National Gardens in order to increase the amount of green areas in the country and to create ecological corridors that will breathe in the city, the Authority said, “We have national gardens projects in 81 provinces not only in our provinces. In Malatya, we are building the Malatya National Garden in the district of Battalgazi on an area of ​​56 thousand square meters in the center. Hopefully, before the end of the year, we will present the Millet garden project to the service of our citizens. ” used the expression.


The Minister stated that they carried out infrastructure works in the areas that were damaged and needed in the earthquake and completed his speech as follows:

“With the foreign loans in Malatya, we are earning 600 million liras of investment in Malatya within the framework of the project carried out by our General Directorate of Iller Bank and Metropolitan Municipality. We will start working on this this year. We will quickly have completed these projects. Apart from that, we had a long-awaited urban transformation work in Malatya and we will complete its tender this year. It will be tendered in June and we will be doing urban transformation projects quickly there. Our goal is to transform 300 thousand houses every year and to transform 5 and a half million houses with urgent priority in 1 years. 'Turkey's transformation anywhere' call. We say 'on-site, voluntary, fast' and I hope we will be resolutely renewing the building stock in our country by explaining these correct examples to our citizens. ”

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