Turkey's Wildest New Necklace of Flowing River 'Yusufeli Dam'

a new necklace of the crazy river flowing turkiyenin
a new necklace of the crazy river flowing turkiyenin

Another important and critical threshold has been left behind in the Yusufeli Dam and HEPP project, which is one of the vision projects of our country, built by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 4 million cubic meters of concrete of this work, in which a total of 3 million cubic meters of body concrete will be poured, was attended by our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan through a video conference. It was poured with the ceremony that Bekir Pakdemirli participated in the construction of the dam. In the ceremony, the opening of the “Bayburt Demirözü Dam Irrigation” was realized with the “Rize-Merkez and Güneysu Districts Taşlıdere Valley Rehabilitation 5th Part” project.

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Pakdemirli stated that they will commission a total of 449 works, including dams, ponds, irrigation facilities, land consolidation projects and flood protection facilities, under the auspices of our President until the end of this year.

Approximately 3/1 of the Electricity Consumed Energy is from Hydroelectric Energy

Pakdemirli, who emphasized that they have implemented many projects in order to avoid waste of even a drop of water thanks to the importance given to domestic and renewable energy sources in the last 18 years, continued as follows:

“In this context, we offered our investment of 245 billion liras to the service of our nation. It is possible to construct 15 Ilısu or Yusufeli Dams with this investment amount. Thus, approximately one third of the total electricity consumed in our country in 2019; It has been obtained from domestic, renewable and clean hydroelectric energy. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of myself and our nation for 3 years, in all circumstances and circumstances, with the love and affection, which has been a motto to serve the nation and the country and continues to meet our country with mega investments even during the pandemic process. ”

In the Last Two Years, We Opened the Land of Two Cyprus Islands to Irrigation

Minister Pakdemirli stated that they have opened approximately 2018 football fields, namely two Cyprus island-sized lands, since 2.600, with the opportunity provided by the Presidential Government System and the opportunity for effective cooperation. “Thus, we have increased agricultural income of approximately 1 billion 120 million TL. In the first six months of 2020 alone, we were awarded the tender for the 300 million decare land irrigation project, which will create employment for 2,5 thousand people and contribute 3,2 billion lira annually to the national economy. Hopefully, by realizing this project as soon as possible, we will have come a long way to increase our irrigation areas, which are among our targets for 2023, from 66 million decares to 85 million decares. Again in this short and productive period, we have commissioned 45 Hydroelectric Power Plants with the cooperation of public-private sector and we produce 9,5 billion kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric energy annually. In the meantime, we have increased our drinking water supply by 500 million m3 ”.

This river flowing to Turkey's Wildest New Necklace're wearing it More

Minister Pakdemirli stated that the Yusufeli Dam and HEPP project, where 3 million cubic meters of concrete is poured, is a project laid by our President on the fastest flowing river of our country. is just one of the huge investments we have made under your leadership. Yusufeli Dam and HEPP; body height is almost the Eiffel Tower, the world's third highest, whereas Turkey will be the highest dam.

On July 10, 2018, we started working on pouring body concrete at Yusufeli Dam. As of now, we have reached a height of 208 meters. We constructed Muratlı, Borcka, Deriner Dam and HEPP and Artvin Dam in Çoruh and put them into the service of our people. We are now wearing a new necklace to Turkey's wildest river flowing through it. The name of this necklace is Yusufeli Dam ”.

Electricity to be Produced in Yusufeli Annual Energy Requirement of a City Until Antalya; Water Accumulating In The Dam Will Be Equivalent To İzmir's 6-Year Water Consumption

Underlining that they have achieved approximately 79% physical realization throughout Yusufeli Dam, Minister Pakdemirli said, “When Yusufeli Dam, which we plan to complete in the 2021th month of 4, comes into operation, it will generate 558 billion 1 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year with an installed power of 888 megawatts. This production figure means meeting the annual energy needs of a city as big as Antalya. With the commissioning of Yusufeli Dam and HEPP, our country's hydroelectric power generation capacity will increase by 2%. A concrete road of 4 meters width can be constructed from Artvin to Edirne with 13 million m³ concrete, which will be used in the body of Yusufeli Dam. The water to be collected in the dam, whose total storage volume is approximately 2,1 billion m3; It is equal to the water consumed by İzmir in 6 years. ”

Engineering Wonders

Pakdemirli said that the dam will keep the life of the other dams by extending the life of the Çoruh river, and said, “It will also reduce the risk of flooding in the Coruh River. This dam, which we can refer to as “engineering wonder”, will also be inherited as a giant work that shows what our people can do when they believe in it. ”

Until today, 2,1 Billion Turkish Lira Was Was Used Only For Road Construction Works

Underlining that they did not only build dams with this project, Minister Pakdemirli said, “As part of the Yusufeli Dam and HEPP Project; We build approximately 110 km of roads, 45 tunnels, 22 bridges and 92 culverts. Only in road construction works, we have spent 2,1 billion liras so far. While doing this project, we attached great importance to the resettlement works where your zat-i forehead is also very sensitive. We continue the construction works in Yeni Yusufeli District, which we determined by taking the opinions of our citizens, without sacrificing our citizens and protecting the environment. In particular, we are continuing our afforestation works to turn the new Yusufeli settlement into a lush paradise upon your instructions. And I would like to point out that Yusufeli will be a completely different settlement with its economy, ecology and social structure.

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