Yusufeli Dam is on the list of the highest dams in the world 7. Queued

yusufeli dam is ranked among the highest dams in the world
yusufeli dam is ranked among the highest dams in the world

Yusufeli Dam, built on the Çoruh River, 270 is one of the highest dams in the world with its 7 meter body height. He's lined up.

7 on the list of the highest dams in the world, built on the Coruh River. The Yusufeli Dam, which was placed in line, was equipped with OZARAR Cranes which can be used even under the most difficult working conditions, while the crane installations were made by Delfin Crane Service.

OZARAR cranes which successfully apply heavy usage conditions, extreme speed, extreme height and capacity, technological application combinations in heavy duty cranes, are built on Coruh River and 270 meter body height and 7. Yusufeli Dam.

In the mega project, 14 tonnage crane with 25 ton capacity, 1 tonnage 70 ton + 20 ton + 20 ton capacity portal crane designed by Özarar Lifting Machines for the most difficult working conditions took place.

In addition, the gantry crane can be defined as lifting and transport systems installed in closed or open areas. With this project, Özarar Lifting Machines conveys the message that this system can be used in projects with different building structures.

In addition, Delfin assembled the crane with radii, which is compatible with the body structure of the crane and the dam.

60 production and assembly of cranes used in the project were completed in a day.

The project, which is of great importance for both the national economy and the energy sector in the global sense, has taken the precaution of every possible problem and kept the security measures at the highest level.

One of the most important reasons why Özarar cranes and Delfin Installation team were preferred in such a project was the application of extreme height and capacity in their cranes as well as designs that can be used even under the most severe conditions.

Delfin contributes to the realization of safe and high quality projects with its products that have been certified under ISO 9001: 2000 quality system management certificate under the supervision of American Systems Registrar and CE certificate under the supervision of Breu Veritas.


Yusufeli Dam, which will take the 7th place in the list of the world's top dams rising using the best quality and safe materials of Özarar Lifting Machines, is only 275 meters shorter than the Eiffel Tower with its 25 meter body height. Yusufeli Dam, which is planned to produce 1 billion 888 million kWh of electricity annually, will have an installed capacity of 540 MWe. This corresponds to the amount of production of 7 thousand in Turkey's electricity consumption.

2 Billion Öznar Crane accompanies Yusufeli Dam with a storage capacity of 130 million cubic meters. In addition to the standard crane production, Özarar Crane performs special production according to the requests and needs of its customers.

The storage capacity of the project, which is operating on the Çoruh River and has the highest storage capacity among the HEPPs to be installed, corresponds to approximately 30 percent of the annual flow of the Coruh River. Thus, the energy production efficiency of the four dams at the lower elevations of Yusufeli Dam will increase.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Prof. Yusufeli Dam, which is secured with ÖZARAR quality. Dr. He studied with Veysel Eroğlu. Erdogan pointed out that the dam will end in a record time of three years.

President Erdoğan focused on the natural beauties of Artvin in the Coruh Basin. Erdogan, who counted the names of the Hydroelectric Power Plant, Muratlı, TBMM 85th Year National Sovereignty Dam, Hydroelectric Power Plant and Borcka Dam, Deriner Dam, noted that these beauties are a means of pride.


HEPP facility and Yusufeli Dam are the highest in our country with 270 meters height and 3 in Europe. 7 in the world. the highest dam.

After the Xiowan (292 m) in China and Inguri (272 m) dams in the double curvature concrete belt category, Yusufeli Dam is the highest 270 m in the world and the highest 3 in the world. The dam.

The installed capacity of the plant (3 x 186) is 558 MW and annual energy generation is 1 billion 888 million kWh.


Özarar Lifting Machines, which always works hand in hand with its customers from production to after-sales support services, offers solutions to the leading projects of the country with its many different products as well as single girder crane, monorail line, flag cranes, double girder crane, gantry cranes and transfer trolley services. .

The company, which has been providing solutions to different scale and function structures until today, continues to pioneer the companies that serve the sector in line with the principle of innovation by preventing the emerging problems.

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