Our shroud is ready, can not intend to continue investment

The 17-25 was one of the target names in December. 15 has his name again on the lists of executions circulating after July. The boss of Limak Nihat Ozdemir, "I believe that when I see that list are actually made this investment in Turkey is required. I don't care about lists. Keep working, Çalış he says.
Nihat Özdemir was one of the target names on December 17-25. His name is also on the execution lists circulating after the bloody coup attempt on July 15. Nihat Özdemir, the boss of Limak, who has implemented giant projects such as the 3rd Airport, Yusufeli Dam and Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, said, “We have 250 martyrs. My dear is not worthy of them. As our president said, "our shroud" is ready. And he adds: I owe a life debt to Allah. Continue to work and invest until Allah takes it. But that's not the point. Why are we on these lists, we need to think about it. Turkey do not want to get these projects done! "
Where were you at 15 in July, how did you get it?
I was in Edinburgh on July at 15 in July. He had an invitation from the Czech company Skoda to cooperate with the Korean company to make energy investments. Both this invitation to participate and 'can do something together,' he talked. Because they are very interested in our energy investments. I went to eat at 20.30 on Friday. I received a call from a close friend from Istanbul. 'Wherever you are, the bridges have been closed, you know,' he said. We began to be interested in what is not. In the meantime, foreigners at the table began to follow the event immediately. We've watched the events step by step. The meal was over like 10.30-11.00, I was taken to my room. I opened the Turkish television on the Internet, and from there I continued to watch. We have witnessed grave events. May Allah not make them to the Turkish nation.
Did the investment plans change from evening to morning?
We went down for breakfast, they asked the same question there, 'Have you thought about investment, will you continue' he said, 'Of course we will continue. We in Turkey, we are counting on the future of Turkey. Yes, a bad event, but we have survived this event. Turkey will return to normal within a very short time, 'I said. I believe that at that moment I saw the eyes of the Koreans and bribes growing. Because at that moment actually it had not yet been fully clarified table in Turkey.
You were one of the target names on December 17-25. We do not know how true, but after July 15, some lists started to circulate. And again you are. What do they want from you?
Yes, I was with my partner on the 25 December list. In fact, it was a coup attempt. It was a military coup, not just by military means. But 15 was another version of July. At that time, we have survived this thanks to the upright stance and struggle of our Prime Minister, the current President. Then there was a list of 41 personality. I looked at that 41 person. Signed to huge investments in Turkey, where Lisa was a huge investment of people who attend. In fact, it was a very consciously selected list. He actually asked that I believed when I saw the list of these investments are made in Turkey. The real intention is to block these investments. And today we come to 15 to July. Running lists again. I got my name again.
Your name goes on the execution list. Aren't you scared?
I am not affected today as I was affected by these works that day. I was in the Southeast last week. Yesterday I traveled to Trabzon, Artvin and Erzurum. We are building the 3rd largest dam in the world there. We held meetings on how to train Yusufeli Dam to 2018. Believe me, I don't care about my domestic or international trips. We lost 250 citizens, Erol Olçak and İlhan Varank. Is my dear more precious? I could be among them. I can be today. We continue to work. We have only one debt, and that is our life debt to Allah. . Our shroud is always ready, as our dear president said, "Our shroud is ready." If we believe in destiny, we are ready for it. But it is necessary to think about why they put us on this list and analyze them well. I sincerely say that this issue has not affected my job or my working tempo at all. We did not receive such additional security. I'm looking at my job. Until when… until God takes my life…
Germany, France is making it difficult we are making it so easy
"Turkey did not want to do this project 'he said. Why is that?
We opened the Bay Bridge. This project, which will extend to İzmir, is one of the biggest works on a world scale. 3. We are opening the Bosphorus Bridge in 26 in August. We were connecting Marmaray with Asia and Europe by rail, and now we are connecting with Tüpgeçit. We are making the world's largest airport without leaving 1 pounds from the state safe. Kanal Istanbul will start shortly. The Panama Canal, the size of the Suez Canal. There are no such projects in any country in the world. Turkey them one, not two, suddenly began to 7-8. Its a great country for Turkey. Germany and the French economy have difficulty in making these projects. We are making it very easy. Everyone's jealous of us. Growing trying to abort Turkey.
We have to look at the glass side.
Do you have difficulty recounting of Turkey to foreign investors, who have been able to understand?
They're here for me, which is good analysis of foreign investment in Turkey. But there are also biased aliens. With our firm stance, we will change their gaze. As a businessman, we should always look at the side of the glass.
We will look at the Tube Passage and the 'channel'
Channel Istanbul is entering your interests?
We have our project evaluation group. If we see fizibıl, we evaluate and enter into a tender. We'il take care of it, we'il make the decision. Tube Passage is so. Of course, these are very important projects and when they do, there is no door to open in the world.
How are your expectations for the tourism sector? Are the losses compensated?
We had a record year at 20015. 33 million people came to Turkey. I see this year as a lost year for the industry, unfortunately, for the Russian problem and the terrorist incidents. We are hoping to spend a year at 2017 to compensate for our losses.
The number of employees at the 3rd Airport will increase to 25 thousand
The most popular project is 3. Airport. How's it going?
No problem. The most important issue in these investments is financing. We do not have any problems in finance. 3. The airport is currently the world's largest construction site in terms of tempo. 1 million cubic meters of excavation per day, 750 thousand cubic meters are filling. 5 is pouring thousands of cubic meters of concrete. Within a short period of time, the number of employees will reach 17 thousand thousand thousand. We made our program to grow the project to 25 February 18.
GNP 17-18 would be a thousand dollars
If the economic picture would change how this process had not taken place in Turkey?
Turkey's economy grew until 2013 29 quarter. In fact, the events of the 17-25 December was also for this. If they did not today would be at the level of 17 -18 thousand dollars per person in the gross national product. Despite Turkey's economy grew 4.5 percent last year. When they leave us, we can catch 5-6 growth every year.
We left behind the hardest part
The expected shake in the markets did not occur on July 18. Can we say that we left the hard part of the business behind economically?
It's not hard, we've left the hardest part behind. We're gonna leave it behind with a few easy moves. Everybody does his part. Turkey is a big country, it must continue to invest in. We, as Limak, never give up our investments. Every year, we invest an average of 3 billion dollars, and we will continue to do so.

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