Visiting Islands from IETT Managers

Islands visit from iett administrators
Islands visit from iett administrators

Before the electric vehicles started working, a delegation consisting of IETT General Manager, Deputy General Managers and Heads of Departments made inspections in Adalar and met with the authorities.

It is a short time for 14 electric vehicles of 40 people and 4 electric vehicles of 20 people to start working in Adalar instead of carriages. IETT continues the training of the drivers determined by the island residents. However, Adalar District Governorate does not allow training rides for the time being, since the vehicles are not licensed. IETT executives went to Adalar on Thursday before the visit of President Ekrem İmamoğlu on Friday to meet the Mayor and the District Governor of the Islands.

The first visit was to the Mayor of Adalar Erdem Gül. IETT delegation consisting of IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili, Deputy General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa, Deputy General Manager Hasan Özçelik, Passenger Services and Communication Department Head Müfit Yetkin and İBB Consultant Murat Altıkardeşler presented a model of the tram to President Gül. General Manager Alper Bilgili thanked President Gül for his support and explained the final process of electric vehicles during the visit, which was carried out with a social distance due to a pandemic and wearing a mask.

Later, the delegation, which passed to the Büyükada garage operation, carried out a test drive with electric vehicles.

The second address of the visit was Adalar District Governorship. Visiting the district governor Mustafa Ayhan in his office, the IETT delegation exchanged views on the latest status of electric vehicles. The visit ended after the gift of a tram model to Ayhan, Ayhan.

IETT executives then went to Heybeliada and visited the Operations Directorate and garage area on the island.



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