The Future of Intelligent Transportation in Electric Vehicles

The Future of Intelligent Transportation In Electric Vehicles: The Future of Intelligent Transportation and Transportation was discussed at the Intertraffic Istanbul Fair. 24-26 May 2017 Istanbul Fair Center during the exhibition at the fair in Eindhoven Technical University Intelligent Transport Regional Director Carlo vd Weijer, the energy of the future will be obtained from the sun, and today the price of expensive electric vehicles will be cheaper, he said.

Carlo vd Weijer, Director of Intelligent Transport at Eindhoven Technical University, said that the future of intelligent transport is in electric vehicles. Speaking at the 'Smart Transportation, Future of Transportation' event organized by Intertraffic Istanbul, Carlo vd Weijer said, etkin The energy of the future will be derived from the sun and will be very cheap. Electric vehicles are currently very expensive and they are similar to golf vehicles. The most expensive part in the vehicle is the battery. But in the near future there will be very large decreases in prices and 3-5 electric vehicles in the year will grow like snowballs. It is necessary to be prepared and prepare the infrastructure. Electric vehicles will be very clean, because oil will not be used and therefore carbon emission values ​​will decrease. Elektrikli

Thanks to Intelligent Transportation Systems, Vehicles will be much safer in the future Akıllı

Private cars are providing the opportunity to make a taxi driver through the Uber app mobile app has addressed the Eindhoven University of Technology's Intelligent Transportation Regional Director Carlo et al Weijun, "Uber is very similar to minibus taxis in Turkey. In the modern world, you don't really have to own a car. Because there isn't enough room for everyone to buy a car, even if you have money. I think the future of public transport will also be shared mobility in Uber.

Carlo vd Weijer, who mentioned about the applications that facilitate travel around the world, said: ard There is a new application in Istanbul. Soon by using this application that will become widespread nationwide, we can solve the problem even if it is not traffic, and we can reach the destination more easily. Yakında Referring to unmanned autonomous vehicles, Carlo vd Weijer pointed out that vehicles will be much safer in the future thanks to intelligent transportation systems.

24-26 Intertraffic Istanbul 2017, which was held at Istanbul Expo Center between May and 9. The International Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Road Safety and Park Systems Fair offers a comprehensive conference and workshop program for exhibitors and visitors. One of the most prominent international speakers was Pekka Möttö, the senior executive of Tuup, a Uber-like practice in Finland. Finland's smart transportation technologies, Xgnum said that 1 billion euros, "Intelligent Transportation Systems, how much easier we make life, people will prefer more public transport," he said.

Intertraffic Brings Istanbul Transportation Industry Together in Istanbul in Two Years raf

Intertraffic Istanbul, which brings Turkish transportation sector together under the same roof for 18 years, was opened to visit at Istanbul Expo Center between 24-26 May 2017. This year, more than 30 200 from 90 in the country, including the participants of Intertraffic Istanbul, especially in Europe, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia and Turkic republics such as 6.000 more than XNUMX is expected to visit more than a visitor.

In the Intertraffic Istanbul, where the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie, Special Administrations, Municipalities, Contractors, Project and Consultancy Companies and all manufacturers operating in the field of transportation are present both as exhibitors and visitors. the latest products, services and projects on transportation systems, traffic safety, traffic management and planning, parking systems, transportation infrastructure systems are introduced.

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