Turkish People Ready for Electric Vehicles

Research conducted on a national scale in electric vehicles in Turkey by the Bosphorus University, revealed that the Turkish people want to buy electric vehicles. According to research, the number of electric vehicles in our country 4 56 increase in the year 140 thousand, the number of charging stations in the 5 35 times increase to reach 14 thousand thousand. The research also revealed the need to develop an incentive mechanism for the expansion of electric vehicles in our country.

Bogazici University, Turkey has carried out the most current research on a national scale in order to examine the future of electric vehicles and the potential impact of the energy infrastructure in Turkey. Boğaziçi University Energy Policy Research Center (EPAM) President and Department of Industrial Engineering. Dr. Gürkan Kumbaroğlu and Researcher Victory conducted by Ozturk, '' Turkey Climate Change and Electricity Demand Impacts Projection of Electric Vehicles in the Transportation Sector, '' according to the research entitled, you get knowledge about electric vehicles, whether or not the majority of the Turkish people want to buy electric vehicles. The research carried out with the 2 person who owns a car or plans to buy a car in the next 600 year, revealed that 10 knows the electric vehicle of every 8 person in our country, 80 of those who know, 65 of those who do not know XNUMX may consider buying electric vehicles. Among the reasons to choose an electric vehicle purchase; low-cost, efficient and environment-friendly.

Boğaziçi University Energy Policy Research Center (EPAM) President and Department of Industrial Engineering. Dr. Gürkan Kumbaroğlu said, lar Our research at Boğaziçi University showed that the Turkish people have great interest in electric vehicles and are very eager to do so. The lack of adequate information and the lack of adequate infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles are the main obstacles to the spread of electric vehicles. Therefore, the expansion of charging stations is critical in the development of this infrastructure, Dolayısıyla he said.

56 floor in the number of electric vehicles, the number of charging units is expected to increase by 35 times

Except for hybrid vehicles in Turkey in use by the end of 2017, about 2 thousand 500's electric vehicles. According to the research, in 2022, the number of electric vehicles in our country is expected to increase by 56 times to reach 140 thousand. EMRA parliamentary commission which according to data presented by the end of 2017 and open to the public in Turkey in active use 400 charging stations, which found, in 2022 this figure is expected to rise to 14 thousand. This means a 5-fold increase in as little as 35 years.

Research shows that by the year of 2022, if the charge of electric vehicles is fully renewable, 1,3 million tons of CO2 will be achieved annually. Professor Dr. Gürkan Kumbaroğlu also reminds us that it is important to supply electric vehicles with renewable energy in order for the electric vehicle market to enter a truly sustainable growth trend. Kumbaroğlu said, yaklaşık 94 of electricity is produced from renewable sources and about 17 g / kWh greenhouse gas emissions in Norway, which pioneered the electric car revolution. In Turkey, about 29 520 percent and electricity together g / kWh produced greenhouse gas emissions. So the electric field from the vehicle network in Turkey, according to which an electric vehicle charging network in Norway from about 30 floor causes more greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, companies that set up a charging system in terms of sustainable development goals need to use renewable energy. It is necessary to think about the transition to electric vehicle use with solar energy. Elektrikli

Dr. Zafer Öztürk also said that electricity and clean vehicles can be used without any investment in the electricity infrastructure, and if the side charging station is invested, the 2022 bin electric vehicle envisaged in 140 could go far beyond. Dr. Öztürk said that those who are considering buying a car complained about the lack of stations, the lack of demand for electric vehicles from investors who are considering making station investments, and the lack of incentive mechanisms in this area. For this reason, Öztürk emphasized the importance of gathering public and private sectors in this field for the expansion of electric vehicles and creating an incentive mechanism that will satisfy both consumers and investors.

Ideal locations for the first time employees with clean energy charging points were identified in Turkey

In the scope of the research, an analysis was carried out for the installation of solar-supported charging stations and parking lots by working on the geographical information system. solar field and solar potential for Turkey also has a connection to the network by including research and solar potential high points were determined. Which it is included in the road map, and thanks to the optimum locations removed by calculating the average range of electric vehicles, where the charging station can be set up before the end of the map while charging of electric vehicles around Turkey was removed from the floor. The geographic information system map will serve as a guide for the whole sector on where electricity charging stations and car parks can be installed using solar energy.

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