Technological infrastructure in domestic vehicle production ready for the future

The Association of College Businessmen (KİD) hosted Doğuş Otomotiv Chairman Aclan Acar in his Istanbul meeting every month. The meeting started with the opening speech of KİD İstanbul Committee Chairman Barış Öney and continued with the presentation of KİD Board Chairman M. Hakan Çınar. Cinar College in conversation Businessmen Association of Turkey touched upon the scope and purpose of establishment was also mention the benefits they bring to the economy. Also emphasizing that they did not get any results about the international flights of Ankara Esenboğa Airport. It is not foreseen that Ankara does not have such an opportunity that is closely related to the global business world. We are planning to finalize this issue soon. Bu KİD President M. Hakan Çınar gave the floor to Doğuş Otomotiv Chairman Aclan Acar after his speech.

Tekn There is an established infrastructure to follow the technology in domestic vehicle production “

Underlining the need to be fast and agile with the rapid development of technology, Aclan Acar said the following about the technological infrastructure of domestic vehicle production; “Knowing something is one thing, being able to apply it is very different. Turkey knows what to follow with its technological infrastructure. We will see the implementation process together. But of course, there is much that needs to be renewed and incorporated. We are talking about an era in which steering-free vehicles are produced and completely electric vehicles are used. The vehicles produced can travel 60 km and park unmanned. Production is now about a quarter complete. The popularization of electric vehicles will start from Japan for the first time. Another question to be asked at this point is, should we put it into practice in a technological sense? The world plans to make the use of electric vehicles compulsory as well as popularizing it. We are trying to develop diesel vehicle technology. We need to be able to make this change in terms of exports. However, we do not live very comfortably. Diesel vehicle production ended in Europe. We have an established capacity. Being fast and agile in transforming this capacity kazanwill ache. We will see together how the implementation processes will be completed”

”Digital systems will affect the future“

Aclan Acar, who talked about the business world's essential principles, explained what the corporate firms should do about digitalization processes. Emphasizing that brands should provide concrete benefit to their companies in the age of digitalization, Acar mentioned the investments of Doğuş Group in the digitalization process. Aclan Acar underlined that women have an important place in business life recently. Çiz We are becoming a society with equality from a male-dominated society. We, as Doğuş Group, are establishing an equality platform. We are preparing an infrastructure that prepares women in top companies. We have established units that closely follow the digital world within ourselves. We need to be aware of all developments Tüm.

Boyut The access of artificial intelligence is increasing, and it comes to frightening dimensions “

Aclan Acar also touched upon the most controversial artificial intelligence issue. Da The importance of artificial intelligence is increasing. The reason for the scary dimensions is that he will finish some professional groups. As you know, they develop and learn languages ​​among themselves. This signals that many professions will end in the future. Can we complete some occupations with virtual reality and we are working on them. We are entering a period where you can make a difference in the business world as you can get concrete benefits. Uz

”Automotive industry can be called walking technology“

Aclan Acar emphasized that technological developments should be followed closely and they are the most important conditions of globalization. Gerekti Digital integration is very advanced. It is possible to observe this even with the interior equipment of the vehicles. New technologies are constantly evolving. Volkswagen has developed a new technology and you will now be able to give commands through your hand movements within the vehicle. Volksw

“Do not enter into jobs with cash deficit“

Stating that the reflections of the crisis in 2008 are still continuing, Aclan Acar said that there is no equivalent of the dollar and that the Far East currencies such as the Euro will be valued in the future. kazanstressed that he could. Noting that the expected increase in interest rates in the USA will affect all currencies, Acar also touched upon the issue of cash problems. “The business of managing the economy with monetary policy is stuck. The efforts of many central banks in the world to find solutions by delaying caused bigger problems and reduced cash flow. The money transferred began to not contribute to the liquid economy. Do not enter into a business with a cash deficit in your own business life. An uncollected sale is not a sale. The reserve money problem, which is a global problem, is at a point where it will affect the whole world with a wrong policy to be applied in the USA. Because there is no other currency with international validity equivalent to the dollar. The West is now lagging behind all developments. We should closely follow the development flowing from the West to the East. Sustainability becomes more difficult with the subcontracting system. "This system needs to be changed," he said.

Aclan Acar shared the story of being taken to the finance sector with KİD members. Mehmet Ali Ertuğrul, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the College Businessmen Association, was presented with a plaque of appreciation by Aclan Acar for their participation.

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