Vezirköprü, Bafra, Alaçam and Durağan Now Have Ferry

I'll take the vezirkopru bafra and the station now has a ferry
I'll take the vezirkopru bafra and the station now has a ferry

They now have ferries Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that the ferry, which will connect the towns of Vezirköprü, Bafra, Alaçam and Durağan, has been successfully launched and said, “We have offered the ferry, which is a common problem of our local people, and requested by us. Good luck to our people. ”

The ferry named 'Altınkaya 55', which was built by a private company operating in Tuzla, was donated by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to the Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide transportation between Samsun's Vezirköprü, Alaçam and Bafra districts and Sinop's Durağan district. The construction of the ferry with a crew of 2 crew, 12 passengers, 4 vehicles, 17 meters long and 5,60 meters wide took 6 months. The ferry, which was brought to Samsun with a 20-meter long TIR from Istanbul, accompanied by a police escort, was lowered from the Bafra district to Altınkaya Dam yesterday, under the control of the ministry and the teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality.


The ferry, which was launched under the coordination of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Kadir Gürkan, will also provide the security of life and property of the local people. This marine vehicle, which will serve in emergency, fire and disaster situations, weighing 40 tons, has the capacity to carry a fire truck and a truck, 2 cars and 1 ambulance at one time.


Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, who wishes the ferry, which will connect 10 neighborhoods of Bafra, Alaçam, Vezirköprü and Durağan districts as well as many neighborhoods, said, “I am grateful for the contribution of our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Adil Karaismailoğlu. I would like to thank both the ministry and metropolitan municipality teams who contributed to its launch. This problem, which our local people have been experiencing for years, has been solved by car ferry. With this vehicle, which will connect 4 districts and many neighborhoods, we will increase the comfort of our citizens at the point of transportation. As both the central and local governments, we have signed many investments with the understanding of “let people live and let the state live”. Good luck to our local people. ”

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