Cost of OMU Tram Line: 130 Million TL

The Samsun light rail line will be built on the 36,2 km with the completion of the campus line at Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU). 130 part of 87 million TL investment has been completed.

Samsun met the light rail system in 2010. First, the 17 km line between the Gar and the University was built. In 2016, an additional line of 14 km was built up to Tekkeköy district, and a total of 31 km was increased. Construction work started in 2017 for the rail system line, which comes to the entrance of OMÜ Kurupelit Campus, to enter the campus. The OMU campus line, whose construction work continues rapidly, has come to an end. OMU, which has one of the most beautiful campuses in Turkey, has a new face with the construction of the rail system line. kazanwas.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Sahin, the construction will end soon, the new 11 train with trams will now go up to the university campus, he said. Zihni Şahin stated that the students will solve the problem of being late for exams and classes. Ini Students studying at OMU need public transportation. OMU is one of the most important values ​​of Samsun. The 5 bin 200 meter rail system process continues rapidly so that the university can contribute to the education in a better way. The construction will be over in a few months. After the purchase of new trains, we will eliminate the grievances of the students. Tramway, campus interior, faculties and dormitories will pass all the front. I find this service very meaningful. Students will feel safe when the tram enters the university. They'll set themselves up for him, knowing what time the trains are coming. They won't wait for the dolmus to fill. They're not going to travel in the ring with a tight grip. Together with the rail system, we will free the students from the stress of being late for classes and exams. After the completion of the route, our students will come to the city whenever they want and they will go to universities without changing the vehicle. This will give the students a lot of relief. Bu


Students had to change the means to go to the university before, the trains of the university after walking around the tram to another vehicle and they said they were very happy not to waste time.


According to the statement made by the metropolitan municipality, 130 million TL of investment cost of 100 million TL was spent and 87 part of the project was completed. 2 pieces viaducts, 1 pieces and 3 units were crossed and 6 pieces of radio base stations and 3 pieces transformer centers were established. In the study, 140 thousand cubic meters of excavation, 62 thousand cubic meters of fillings, and 53 thousand cubic meters of concrete were produced. In addition, 4 thousand 600 tons of rebar, 435 tons of steel and 194 catenary caster was used. It is aimed to complete the line works by the end of August. Following the arrival of the new 11 train, the OMU line will be opened.

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