Mersin Metropolitan Cycle Road to Erdemli Kazannagging

Mersin Buyuksehir Erdemli Bicycle Path kazanis alive
Mersin Buyuksehir Erdemli Bicycle Path kazanis alive

The environmentally friendly management approach of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer presented an example to the city that meets the purpose of the 3 June World Bicycle Day. The teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department prepared an 8-kilometer bicycle path to the coastal road between Kargıpınarı and Alata Neighborhoods of Erdemli District. kazannagged.

Separate road for cyclists and pedestrians

The bicycle path has made approximately 5 meters of the 8-meter-wide and 2,5-kilometer-long road in the coastal strip of the Metropolitan, Erdemli District Kargıpınarı and Alata Neighborhoods. The road, which is closed to vehicle traffic, was used extensively by pedestrians, especially during the summer months, and was among the routes preferred by cyclists. The chaos created by the road used by cyclists and pedestrians at the same time sometimes posed a danger to children.

Bicycle path getting ready for World Bicycle Day

The Metropolitan has brought an environmentally friendly solution to the 8-kilometer road. The Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, which started its work before the World Bicycle Day on June 2018, announced by the United Nations in 3, established an 3-kilometer bicycle path in the region on June 8. kazanyelling. Having completed the asphalt, landscaping and cleaning works on the road, the Metropolitan started the bicycle path works with the Road Line Tool. Using an average of 1200 kilograms of cold road marking paint, the teams organized the road for cyclists and pedestrians. The teams continued their line work on the road with plate and figure drawings.

Citizens will be able to pedal for 8 kilometers without interruption

With the beginning of the summer months, citizens staying in summer houses or hotels in the region have the chance to cycle for 8 kilometers on the coastal road. Pedestrians can pass from the northern part of the road, and cyclists from the southern part. Thus, while the confusion on the road is prevented, the safety of the children is also ensured. From the Metropolitan to Erdemli kazanThe bike lane that it offers also offers the opportunity for citizens to prefer bicycles as a means of transportation. The service of the Metropolitan Municipality, which overlaps with the purpose of the 3 June World Bicycle Day, provides environmental and economic benefits to both the city and the people.

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