Cooperation with 92 Countries Continues for International Flights

Cooperation with the country continues for international flights
Cooperation with the country continues for international flights

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil KaraismailoğluStating that the new type of coronavirus epidemic started, the 1,5 million passengers have used airports where effective measures have been implemented, saying, "We believe this number will increase much faster."

Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, President Recep Tayyip ErdoğanAccording to the instructions, he said that they set off as the Ministry in 2003 with the target of “The airline will be the way of the people”.

Indicating that they have liberalized the aviation industry and created a competitive environment with the civil aviation policies they have implemented in this context. Karaismailoglunoted that the driving force of this competitive environment has pushed the civil aviation industry into a much faster growth process.

KaraismailogluStating that the number of passengers, which was 2003 million in 36, reached approximately 2019 million in 210 with the effect of this growth, he continued as follows:

“International flights to 50 destinations in 60 countries increased to 126 in 326 countries. rapid firing of these figures, Istanbul airport as 150 havay the company and will provide destination flights to the possibility 350s and Turkey international hubs with this capacity (transfer) revealed the need for an airport will make the center. When all stages of Istanbul Airport are completed, Istanbul Airport will meet all the needs of the region, not just our country. ”

"3. runway in 4F category ”

President Recep Tayyip ErdoğanReminding that the 3rd runway was opened with a ceremony in Karaismailoglunoted:

"3. Our track has a length of 3 meters, a body of 60 meters and a shoulder width of 45 meters each covered in both parts, and the total covered part is 15 meters, including shoulders. In other words, with these features, it is in the 75F category that allows the landing and take-off of the largest passenger aircraft, and there is a 'de-icing' apron in the southern part of the runway to provide air traffic in cold weather conditions and to prevent the icing of the plane. It can also provide 'de-icing' service to the largest passenger aircraft in this area, and also has electrical and electronic navigation systems that allow landing and takeoff in the toughest weather conditions, called CAT-III in aviation. ”

KaraismailogluExplaining that the new runway, which is operational, can serve all planes, including the world's largest passenger aircraft, without saying “snow-winter”, “3. As of the date when the runway is put into service, we plan to have a total of 3 landings and landings per hour in the first 100 months, a total of 3 landings and landings per hour in the next 105 months, and 6 landings per hour in the next 110 months. We will also evaluate the hourly capacity increase that may occur at the end of this period depending on the situation in flight traffic. ” used expressions.

“Our cooperation with 92 countries continues for international flights”

Emphasizing that the number of passengers who prefer the airline for their travels is increasing day by day with domestic flights, which were restarted at 1 airports on 6 June as part of the normalization process. Karaismailoglunoted:

“Since that day, 47 more airports have taken precautions against the epidemic and now 53 airports have started to serve our citizens safely. On 15 June, our international flights to 9 destinations started in 15 countries. The number of aircraft that have landed and departed to airports, where effective measures have been applied with great care since the day of the outbreak, has been 14 thousand 693 in total, 3 thousand 872 in domestic and 18 thousand 565 in international flights, and approximately 1,5 million passengers used the airline. We believe that this number will increase much faster with the reopening of international flight destinations that are not currently flying due to the epidemic. Our cooperation with 92 countries continues for international flights. We are meeting with institutions and contact countries in the safe way of flying. ”

“We will make the 5G application available to our passengers”

KaraismailogluTouching on the subject of 5G signal, “We have taken very important steps in our studies on the 5G signal to be presented at our airport. 3G test studies of 5 operators operating in our country were completed. The wiring of the 5G antennas to be installed on the terminal arrival and departure floors has been completed and the central equipment has been installed. When the operators' commercial licenses are active, we will offer the 5G application to our passengers on the terminal arrival and departure floors. ” found the assessment.

"It's our health organization serving the international standards in Turkey"

Stating that health tourism in the world has developed at a much higher rate in the last 10 years compared to other years. Karaismailoglunoted that the number of those who travel only for medical tourism has exceeded 10 million and that health tourism has started to take a very important place in the economies of the country.

KaraismailogluWhile the tourists who come for holiday and entertainment purposes spend an average of 650-1000 dollars per person, he stated that the expenditures of the patients who come with health demands are 6 thousand -9 thousand dollars and continued his words as follows:

“These figures reveal the importance of health tourism for our country and large investments are realized in our country in this context. Today's health-care organization serving the international standards in Turkey. Many studies have started to strengthen the health tourism infrastructure in universities and public hospitals as well as in private hospitals. Today, we see city hospitals, which are operating rapidly, as major investments that strengthen health tourism. ”

The top 5 countries in terms of the number of international patients, respectively, the US, Germany, Thailand, India and Turkey stated that Karaismailoglunoted:

“The number of cross-border patients is increasing at very high rates. The number of patients who came to Turkey in 2010, while in 110 this number was 2019 million 1 thousand 87 thousand. In other words, the number of our international patients has increased almost 10 times and we have achieved over $ 10 billion in revenue. We have huge investments to further increase these figures and we aim to double the number of our international patients in the short term. In addition, our country's success in the fight against the new type of coronavirus epidemic, the rapid decrease in the number of patients, the abundance of our patients who have recovered and discharged when we compared with the world, and the ability to extend help to other countries as well as being able to afford ourselves, and appreciated the whole world. proved how advanced we are in the field. The positive picture we have revealed during the epidemic process will increase the number of cross-border patients even more rapidly. With this increase, we anticipate that we will experience serious increases in the number of airline passengers and we are ready for this increase with our entire infrastructure. ”


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