Important Alerts to Istanbulites from Metro Istanbul

Important warnings for Istanbul residents from subway Istanbul
Important warnings for Istanbul residents from subway Istanbul

Hakan Orhun, Metro Istanbul Corporate Communications and Customer Service Manager, said that since the outbreak of the coronavirus, they have taken and continue to take every precaution as a company. Orhun underlined that it is necessary to act with the passengers in order to overcome the process successfully.

A subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's largest city Istanbul Metro rail operators, passengers also continues to work in the process of a pandemic in order to provide a healthy and safe ride service.

Providing information about the measures taken as a company during the coronavirus epidemic, which has influenced our country as well as the whole world, Metro Istanbul Corporate Communication and Customer Service Manager Hakan Orhun also made important warnings to Istanbulites.

“We carry 850 thousand passengers a day…”

Reminding that Metro Istanbul is a company that carries more than 2 million passengers a day, Hakan Orhun stated that this number decreased to 200 thousand due to the epidemic. Stating that there has been an increase in the number of passengers with the new normalization process, Hakan Orhun said, “With the latest circular issued by the Provincial Hygiene Council, the standing passenger capacity (AW4) on our trains was determined as 50 percent. Currently, we carry around 850 thousand passengers a day. ”

“We rolled up our sleeves from the first day for a healthy and safe journey…”

Stating that with the onset of the epidemic process, Istanbul residents rolled up their sleeves in order to travel more safely and safely, Orhun said: “With the start of this process, we disinfected all our trains to be effective for a long time. Our stations are always cleaned, our trains are cleaned every day. In addition, we put thermal cameras on our stations. Therefore, we measure the fire of every passenger arriving at our stations. We use it in our busy stations. ”

"We must use the masks correctly ..."

"We have some expectations from our passengers so that the new normalization process can proceed in a healthy way and we can say," We managed together, we beat together "," underlined that the most important issue is the use of a mask. Emphasizing the importance of the correct use of masks, Orhun said, “We should use our masks to cover the mouth and nose completely. It is very very important that our mask is always attached and properly attached until we leave the station from the station entrance. ”

“Travel outside of the busy hours whenever possible…”

Drawing attention to the necessity of planning a journey in order to overcome the process successfully, Hakan Orhun said, “The trains are busy in the morning and evening hours due to the working hours at the start and end. For this reason, we recommend that our passengers use the trains between 10:00 - 16:00 and after 20:00 unless they have to. ”

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