Alfa Romeo and Jeep Aim To Break Records In 2020

alfa romeo and jeep also aim to break records
alfa romeo and jeep also aim to break records

Alfa Romeo and Jeep brand director Fancy Free, 5 monthly premium car market with the performance of both brands share and year-end targets in Turkey. Suslu stated that the premium market, which is expected to be 55 thousand with the coronavirus process, can close the year at the level of 45 thousand, said, “The losses occurred in April and May. We expect the market to be more lively in the next period. As Alfa Romeo and Jeep, we aim to increase our market share in the premium market by 4 points to 10 percent. We updated our sales target to 4 thousand 500 pieces in parallel with the market. When we do this, we will have broken the 2015 record for 4, despite the pandemic. ” Süslü added that in line with Jeep's 300 brand vision, they aim to become the fourth brand in the premium market, exceeding 2022 thousand dams, with a product range consisting of SUVs only.

Alfa Romeo and Jeep shared their current year-end goals by evaluating the first five months of the year. Expressing that both brands will increase their market share with the momentum they will achieve in the second half of the year, Brand Director Özgür Süslü stated that they will reach a wide audience in the premium class, especially with the new Jeep models that will go on sale.

“We aim to get 10 percent share from the premium market”

Emphasizing that Alfa Romeo and Jeep increased their sales by 40 percent in the first five months of the year, Süslü said, “Our market forecast was 550 thousand at the beginning of the year. In this, we were expecting a 55 thousand premium market. For ourselves, we set 130 targets with a growth of 5 percent. Our goal was to increase our share by 500 points in the premium market by reaching 10 percent market share. With the pandemic process experienced in the last 4 months, we updated our forecast to 3 thousand units. After the losses in April and May, we expect the market to be alive in the next period. We maintain our 470 percent market share target for Alfa Romeo and Jeep. We updated our sales target to 10 thousand 4 pieces in parallel with the market. If we do this, we will have broken the record of 500 thousand 2015 pieces of 4 during the pandemic period. ”

Fancy giving information about new models and engine options will be available for sale in Turkey, "Compass moved production to Europe, will replace the more ambitious way in the market. We will expand our place in this class with the new 1.3-liter Firefly engine petrol automatic option and 1.6-liter diesel engine option. Another important innovation we will introduce to the market this year will be the Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid. ” Noting that a new engine option will be added to Renegade in July, Özgür Süslü informed that Renegade with 1.0 liter turbo-powered new generation Firefly engine will be the most accessible model of the Jeep product range.

“Jeep Compass will be much more assertive now, with three new engine options, one hybrid”

Fancy Free, Compass, stressing that the most important innovations of this year, the fastest-growing class of Compass Turkey recalled that in the compact SUV market area. “Compact SUVs account for 20 percent of the market,” said Fancy. While only 6 percent of this market consists of 4 × 4 models, Compass has appealed to the customer in a certain part of the market with only 4 × 4 options until today. Although we have 4 percent market share in the 4 × 16 part of the market, the lack of 4 × 2 options limited our potential. Compass, which has been renewed and moved to Europe, will take its place in the market more ambitiously. With the new 1.3 Firefly engine petrol automatic option and 1.6 diesel engine option, we will greatly expand our range in this class. Another important innovation we will introduce to the market this year will be the Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid. We plan to introduce this model, which is equipped with the plug-in hybrid technology of the new generation turbo Firefly engine with a volume of 1.3 liters, in September or October. We sold 5 Compass in the first 250 months. We have 1500 sales targets in total for the year. Compass will become our most ambitious and important model with Renegade in the coming period. ”

“Renegade with 1.0 turbo engine comes with a sales price of 189 thousand 900 TL”

Informing that Renegade is the third most preferred model in its class with 5 sales in the first 922 months of the year, Özgür Süslü announced that a new engine option will be included in the model's product range in July. Özgür Süslü said, “With the new generation Firefly engine with 1.0 liter turbocharged turbocharger, Renegade will be an environmentally friendly option with 124 grams of carbon emissions and a 5.4 liter consumption value. In addition, it will take its place as the most accessible model in the Jeep product range with a competitive starting price of 189 thousand 900 TL. ”

“Great Interest in New Wrangler”

Renewed Wrangler's also underlines that saw significant demand from Turkey Ozgur fancy, "we offer in May for sale in Turkey, modern and technologically in an SUV attracts attention Wrangler retains its design in terms of line. While it is catching the age with its new greener engine, new infotainment system and new security systems, it continues to develop the land capability it is essentially assertive. We brought 10 of our Wrangler models as the first batch. All of the vehicles, of which 5 were pre-ordered, were sold within one week. We anticipate that the interest will continue in July ”.

“We want to be in the top 3 in the premium market just by selling SUVs”

“During the period we were in, we once again understood the importance of nature. With the retreat of people to their homes because of the pandemic, nature is back. We, as the Jeep brand, are a brand that embraces nature and adventure. After that, we will gradually bring together the models that will minimize our impact on the environment, without giving up our land capabilities. 4xe will be the first link of this, ”Özgür Süslü also shared the goals of Jeep's future vision in his statement. Süslü said, “In recent years, the wind in the world has been blowing. While 2018 million SUVs are sold in the world in 32, we expect this figure to reach 2022 million in 40. Jeep's future vision is that one out of every 5 SUVs sold worldwide is the Jeep. When we look at Turkey until 2018 SUVs sold around 100 thousand units by 2022 this figure 250 thousand to 300 thousand Expect the band to grow. Our target for 2022 is to reach 15 thousand units by selling one of every 10 SUVs. When we do this, we will be one of the rare SUV brand to more than 10 thousand dams in Turkey's market. This excites us very much. We want to enter just by selling SUV in the premium market among the top 3 players in Turkey, "he said.

“We can bring 500 or 1 pieces of Alfa Romeo GTA, of which only 2 will be produced”

Alfa Romeo Free reminded that this year celebrates its fancy 110'unc year, "the brand in the 110'unc plans for attacks in Turkey have made to remove again. Although the period we are in delays these plans a bit, we will be in the foreground in the second half of the year. When we look at product innovations; Renovated in April last Giulia and the Stelvio we offer for sale in Turkey. Starting in September, we will be offering Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Verde versions. Again, as we announced in April, GTA and GTA model that will meet the road in 2021 with Turkey. Introduced to the world in April, GTA attracts attention with its being a model developed on Quadrifoglio Verde version. It literally means 'Lightened Grantourismo'. 100 kilograms lighter and 30 HP stronger. Featuring the best power-to-weight ratio (2,82 kg / HP) in its class, the Alfa Romeo GTA covers 0-100 km in 3.6 seconds. Thanks to its improved aerodynamics, it provides a very good grip. The production of GTA will be limited to 500 units. Currently, the demand collection phase continues worldwide. In 2021, we can bring 1 or 2 to our country. ”


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