airline passengers' ticket refunds are guaranteed
06 Ankara

Airline Passenger Ticket Returns Are Guaranteed

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that they took the necessary measures to minimize the effects of the New Type Coronovirus epidemic on global trade. Emphasizing that significant progress has been made in the fight against the virus thanks to the measures taken, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, "Of course. [more…]

Bus lines that will run in the curfew in Malatya have been determined
44 Malatya

Bus Lines Determined to Work in Malatya on Curfew

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transportation Services Motaş AŞ. 23.04.2020 Thursday - On Sunday 26.04.2020, it will organize trips to certain lines special for weekend work for passengers who are obliged to work under the curfew. SATURDAY SUNDAY [more…]

Beykoz municipality will make officers

Beykoz Municipality Will Procure 50 Police Officers

An announcement was published by the Beykoz Municipality. In the announcement published, it was stated that 50 police officers will be recruited from among female and male candidates. In order to be employed under the Civil Servants Law numbered 657 under the Beykoz Municipality Presidency; municipality [more…]

The golden car park in the golden tree is being planted
52 Army

Moonlight Car Park is Afforested in Altınordu

Aiming to leave a greener and livable city for future generations, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues to mobilize afforestation and greening throughout the province. In this context, the teams started afforestation and greening work in the Moonlight Parking Lot in Altınordu district. [more…]

Boztepe is getting ready for the summer season
52 Army

Boztepe is Preparing for the Summer Season

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in Sales Units Buffet and Landscaping Construction Work in Boztepe, one of the attraction places of the province that can be watched from a bird's eye view. On the street closed to traffic in order to give the citizens an insatiable pleasure, 25 of them are local [more…]

Arrangements are made at the crossroads to relieve traffic in Konya
42 Konya

Arrangements are Made at Intersections to Relieve Traffic in Konya

While Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues its disinfection works continuously within the scope of coronavirus measures, it also carries out arrangement works at some intersections in order to relieve the city traffic. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, in order to increase the flow of traffic and ensure traffic safety [more…]

The increase in housing prices in Istanbul and Turkey
34 Istanbul

House Prices Increased in Istanbul and Turkey

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Istanbul Statistical Office published the April 2020 Housing Market Istanbul Economy Bulletin, which evaluates the housing market in Istanbul. Both housing prices rose in Istanbul in Turkey, 49,1 percent of the total sold to foreigners subject was held in Istanbul. [more…]

portable respirator to increase the treatment rate of patients suffering covid infection
34 Istanbul

Portable Breathing Device Developed for Kovid-19 Patients

In collaboration with ELAA Technology and Sabancı University Integrated Manufacturing Research and Application Center, they are developing portable mechanical respirators for patients with COVID-19 infection. With the portable ventilator device, every patient room where the patient is, intensive care [more…]

World Health Organization personnel attacked in Myanmar
95 Myanmar (Burma)

World Health Organization Personnel Killed in Attack in Myanmar

World Health Organization personnel announced that a driver was killed in an attack in Myanmar. It was stated that the driver who carried the test sticks of Corona patients with his vehicle died in the hospital where he was taken after being injured in the attack in Rakhine region of Myanmar. WHO employee, from Sittwe [more…]