Portable Breathing Device Developed for Kovid-19 Patients

portable respirator to increase the treatment rate of patients suffering covid infection
portable respirator to increase the treatment rate of patients suffering covid infection

In collaboration with ELAA Technology and Sabancı University Integrated Production Research and Application Center, they are developing a portable mechanical breathing apparatus for patients suffering from COVID-19 infection.

With the portable ventilator device, every patient room where the patient is located can turn into an intensive care room and the treatment speed will increase.

19 - 2,4% of patients who have had COVID-5,6 infection are connected to their respiratory equipment by placing a tube in their trachea due to respiratory distress in intensive care units. When the treated patients begin to breathe comfortably, the tube is removed from the trachea. With this portable and easy-to-use ventilator designed to eliminate the troubles experienced due to the large and cumbersome existing respiratory devices used in intensive care units and also inadequate number, the room where the patient is located will become an intensive care room and the treatment will be accelerated.

The Patient's Room Will Become an Intensive Care Unit

Although the designed device is a portable ventilator (mechanical breathing apparatus), it also has electronic control units with respiratory support modes required for COVID-19 treatment. Thus, without the need for an intensive care bed, this mobile ventilator will be used in any patient bed or ambulance with medical oxygen and air connections, and the place of the patient can be transformed into an intensive care room. As the room designs of the new generation city hospitals also have the potential to turn each patient bed into an intensive care bed, the ventilator to be produced is expected to be an indispensable device for these hospitals. It is aimed to present the ventilator to be developed to our country, and then to the whole world.

Prototype Works Started

The prototype works of the device, whose design and technical drawings are completed and the material specifications are determined, continue. Following the completion of prototypes and test products to be submitted to Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Devices Agency and the series is scheduled to go into production.

Thoracic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Tunç Laçin and Electrical and Electronics Engineer Assoc. Dr. In this study, initiated under the leadership of ELAA Technology, a digital medical technology company established in partnership with Gökhan Bora Esmer, Sabancı University and Kordsa's first university and industry collaboration model Composite Technologies Center of Excellence - KTMM. Dr. With Bahattin Koç and his team, this ventilator's design, validation and prototype are produced and tested.


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