service attack in the prohibition of going out in izmir
35 Izmir

Service Attack on Curfew in Izmir

In the four-day curfew within the scope of coronavirus measures, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the maintenance, repair and asphalting works of the urban roads at full capacity. 12 thousand tons of asphalt paved in four days. Transport systems and channel [more…]

TUBITAK My Knowledge

TÜBİTAK Bilgem Will Recruit 10 Personnel

_ Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey TUBITAK Presidency: TUBITAK Informatics and Information Security in the Advanced Technology Research Center (Sage I) within the vice president will be connected enterprise resource management personnel to serve. Application Deadline: 18.05.2020 [more…]

statutory boulevard thanks to president zorogl
61 Trabzon

Thanks to Kanuni Boulevard from Mayor Zorluoğlu

The opening of the Beşirli-Erdoğdu part of Kanuni Boulevard, starting from the Yıldız location of the Black Sea Coastal Road and ending at the Trabzon-Maçka road in Gözalan, was welcomed by the people of Trabzon. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE HAS CREATED Yıldız Yonca with the opened route [more…]

asphalt shifts in daily ban on street in Ankara
06 Ankara

Ankara Gets New Ways In The 4-Day Curfew

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality worked 4/7 asphalt shifts in the 24-day curfew declared in the Capital within the scope of the coronavirus epidemic. The Metropolitan Municipality, which carried out asphalt works in many parts of the city from Atatürk Boulevard to Sanatorium Avenue, from Sincan Atatürk Street to Dikmen Avenue [more…]

Ramadan arrangement in Eskisehir for tram times
26 Eskisehir

Ramadan Arrangement for Tram Timetables in Eskişehir

Ramadan Arrangement for Tram Timetables in Eskişehir; ESTRAM officials stated that the number of passengers decreased by 90% thanks to Eskişehir residents who followed the Stay at Home calls, and organized tramway services to prevent citizens from going out to the streets, especially after iftar [more…]

second parking ready in the forest
41 Kocaeli

Second Parking Ready in Ormanya

While Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to fight the corona virus, it continues to work at the needed points in the city. In this context, the second parking lot works have been completed in Ormanya, Europe's most important natural life park. WORKS COMPLETED Metropolitan Municipality, the citizens coming to Ormanya [more…]

young people's investment is folding and returning
35 Izmir

Investments for Young People are Coming Back

EGİADis one of the Social Responsibility Projects of Turkey and has been going on for 11 years. EGİAD Life School opened its doors online on April 25th. 5 weeks within the scope of "Life School" which will be held with the participation of more than 100 vocational school students from 5 universities in Izmir [more…]

The roads in Kocaeli are undergoing maintenance and repair
41 Kocaeli

Roads in Kocaeli are under Maintenance and Repair

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, struggling with the coronavirus epidemic, is carrying out road maintenance and repair work on the roads, taking advantage of the low traffic. Within the scope of the works, patches and parquet repairs are made on the damaged roads in the districts. EVERY DAY AVERAGE 30 TONS [more…]

innotrans fair postponed to april
49 Germany

InnoTrans Fair Postponed to 27-30 April 2021

The Innotrans railway technology fair, planned to be held in Berlin on 22-25 September 2020, has been postponed to 27-30 April 2021. The Berlin Senate had banned events with more than 24 participants on Tuesday, until October 5.000, to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Corona [more…]

Ramadan arrangement for Akcaray and bus times
41 Kocaeli

Ramadan Arrangement for Akçaray and Bus Hours

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality announced that there will be additional trips on trams and buses in Ramadan for citizens to travel comfortably and healthily in public transportation. Transportation Park, one of the metropolitan affiliates, within the scope of the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, traffic that may occur before the iftar times [more…]

mobile market is more urgent in the district of izmir
35 Izmir

Mobile Market is Opening in 3 More Districts of Izmir

The Mobile Market application, which was implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan "You are at your home, the market is in your neighborhood" due to the coronavirus epidemic, has also attracted attention in Konak and Karabağlar. The Mobile Market will start tomorrow in Gaziemir, Balçova and Narlıdere. First by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

delivery of the infantry rifle delivered
06 Ankara

5.56 Domestic 65.000 Infantry Rifle Delivery

Presidency Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir shared 5,56 thousand of the 65 millimeter caliber infantry rifles produced and delivered by the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), Kalekalıp and Sarsılmaz, in his post on his official social media accounts. [more…]