Local and National Respiratory Equipment to Turkey will breathe Great

local and national turkiyede big breath breathing apparatus to aldirma
local and national turkiyede big breath breathing apparatus to aldirma

📩 21/04/2020 11:08

The first delivery of 4 domestic and national respirators, which reached the stage of mass production with the work of 100 Turkish companies, was made to Başakşehir City Hospital. Meeting with engineers and company officials, Minister Varank: 5 thousand production will be done by the end of May

Referring to the studies in the field of health, Erdogan said, “From the moment we become productive of our medicine, we will take much different steps at this point.” found in the description.


President Erdoğan attended the Commissioning of the First Stage of the Başakşehir City Hospital and the Local Respirator Delivery Ceremony with a video conference. Receiving a briefing from Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank and Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, Erdogan said in his speech, “Currently, this hospital has a bed capacity of over 1500. Great ideals of unity was established, global structure, at a time when Turkey lost its sense of international organizations, it demonstrated the power of standing on their own feet. " said.


Noting that they took a decisive step, Erdogan said, “We will build a hospital separated by panels to a congress center.” We did not say. 'We will build a 45-bed hospital in 1005 days in a section of Yeşilköy Airport.' we said. The construction of this hospital is currently continuing, as long as it consists of one-room steel construction. We are building another hospital in Sancaktepe with the same number of rooms. ” He spoke in the form.


Covidien-19 disease diagnosis is very important that computed tomography device is more than the total number in the whole of Europe of existing in Turkey transfers Erdogan, only serious money paid to go capable hospital service standards in other countries, the city said the hospital to the level of only reach it in Turkey.


The amount allocated to Turkey's health expenditures do not find that even 2002 billion pounds in 19, today reached 190 billion pounds Erdogan stated that, of the health services that exceed the 70 percent satisfaction rate, he said.


Erdogan said, “Currently, we have produced this team, where we see 100 domestic and national ventilators in our country. I hope they promised until the end of May; '5 thousand per month'. Of course, if they do not produce 5 thousand per month, they should know that we will ask for their account. ” said.

President Erdogan said that the world was experiencing difficulties at the ventilator point and said that he still continues to live.

Expressing that they have successfully overcome the process, Erdogan said: Currently, 115 ventilators of our Başakşehir City Hospital have arrived, 100 of them have been delivered today, and some of them are coming, too. What does this mean? In other words, our Başakşehir City Hospital does not have such a problem and will not. On the other side, Yeşilköy will come into operation with its 1005 rooms. Sancaktepe comes into play in the same way as 1005 rooms. And all these needs are already fulfilled here. This shows that Turkey self-sufficient. We are enough for us. Especially if we consolidate ourselves in the pharmaceutical industry at this point, we will take different steps at this point from the moment we become productive to our medicine.

Thanks to Arçelik, Aselsan, Baykar, Biosys and the coordinator, Erdoğan thanked the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Health and stated that they will continue the race in these areas.


Minister Varank delivered the intensive care devices to the Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, and met with the Turkish engineers who produced the devices. Noting that one of the most critical needs in the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, Varank pointed out that the inventory of the Ministry of Health is also strong at the respiratory device point.


Reminiscent of the work done in the field of respirators, Varank said: “Our domestic firms have started a national mobilization in order to rapidly transform the work into mass production. Dozens of engineers came together, worked day and night, and with great dedication, they downloaded the first domestic and national intensive care respirators from the mass production line in just 14 days. ” used expressions.


Noting that some of the products whose tests have been completed have been delivered to the Ministry of Health, Varank said, “Hopefully, 5 thousand devices will be produced until the end of May. All our efforts are to contribute to the superhuman labor of our healthcare workers, to some extent. ” said.


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said: “Currently, 155 intensive care units that we have opened are installed in our 155 ventilators. In this epidemic, ventilators, which we call the respiratory device used in intensive care and intensive care units, are the most problematic in the world. ” found in the description.

Noting that domestic and national ventilators are produced and ready for use, Koca said, “I would like to underline the ventilators developed by a prototype company led by our Ministry of Health, which was developed by Baykar, the Ministry of Industry, and ASELSAN and Arçelik. In other words, our local and national ventilators have been manufactured and made ready for use as of today. ” He spoke in the form.

Selçuk Bayraktar, Baykar Technical Manager and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the T3 Foundation, said, “I hope it will spark in high-tech medical devices, with the National Technology Move, this transformation continues and our country comes to the place it deserves. Today, we have already produced the device, which the world has had difficulties in production and supply, until it has reached components that cannot be supplied from outside. ” said.

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