Snacks were the most purchased products in the second curfew

In the ban on the second street, snacks filled the basket
In the ban on the second street, snacks filled the basket

With the first curfew announced at 10:22.00 on the evening of April 1.000, bread, water and milk were the most purchased products. According to the data received by Trendbox from more than 17 points in Istanbul, bread was not included in the bestsellers list on April 10, while water and milk exchanges decreased compared to April XNUMX. This time Istanbul residents showed great interest in snack products on the last day before the ban.

Trendbox, which analyzes the trends by recording the shopping data of traditional retail channels consisting of grocery stores, kiosks and small markets, which are the biggest area of ​​the retail industry that cannot be measured, in real time, with the data it received from more than 1000 points in Istanbul, carried out the analysis. In the analysis of Trendbox, it was seen that the shopping was spread all week due to the announcement of the second curfew from the front. Istanbulites made the most intense shopping between 17:18 and 00:20 on April 00, the last day before the second curfew.

Snacks entered the bag

According to the data obtained by Trendbox, the shopping congestion between 10 and 22.00 on the evening of April 24.00, when the first curfew was declared, was replaced by calm on the evening of April 17. On the evening of April 10, the most preferred products consisted of basic foods such as bread, water, milk, and pasta, while the last day of the second curfew was snacks such as biscuits, cakes, chocolate, nuts on April 17. While the biggest increase in shopping on the evening of April 17 was seen in ice cream, flour, which is among the products demanded on April 10, was not preferred this time.

In 10% of the shopping on the evening of April 80, multiple and large packages and large products such as 1 or 2,5 liters were preferred, while on the evening of April 17, this rate remained at 55%. According to the shopping trends analyzed by Trendbox, the shopping has spread all week due to the early announcement of the second curfew. During the week, while basic food was exchanged, more snack products entered the bag of citizens on April 17.

Shopping Trends in the Coronavirus Process

According to Trendbox, coronavirus case of most colognes respectively from the grocery On March 11, the first day as disclosed in Turkey, hand sanitizer, soap, shampoo, flour with cleaning products such as toilet paper, pasta, canned fish, which can last as long as ready-made soups and more immune-boosting foods that can be made at home are bought.

In the period, which started to stay at home with the importance of social distance, the cleaning materials taken in the first days were replaced by products that will accompany the time spent at home. While the last week of March, yeast and flour were taken for homemade bread, cakes, cakes, following these two products was the most purchased condom and soda.

In the first week of April, yeast and flour were the most shopping products, while pickles, vinegar, chips and sauces were added to the shopping trend. Another striking data in this process was the decrease in the categories of cologne, hand disinfectants, pasta and toilet paper.


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