Second Party Support 200 Breathing Apparatus From Garanti BBVA

warranty from bbva second batch support breathing apparatus
warranty from bbva second batch support breathing apparatus

📩 21/04/2020 12:33

Taking a big step forward in combating the coronavirus epidemic, Garanti BBVA supports the National Solidarity Campaign with 30 respirators worth approximately 200 million TL. Garanti BBVA has provided the supply of 35 respiratory devices worth 4 million Euros (~ 30 million TL) to be delivered to the Ministry of Health within the scope of the aid campaign conducted by BBVA Group in all countries where it operates to combat the epidemic and the total amount of which is 200 million Euros. provide. Garanti BBVA, which is one of the first steps taken in order to contribute to the fight against epidemic in our country and previously donated 10 million TL for the supply of equipment and materials to public university hospitals, reaches 40 million TL.

Providing information about the new support, Garanti BBVA General Manager Recep Baştuğ said, “As a country, we are going through a very difficult exam with the world. In this period, the priority of all of us is human health and the contribution and solidarity to be made for this. As Garanti BBVA, we realize our 2nd donation within the scope of the aid package, which is realized with different initiatives in all countries where the BBVA Group operates, with a total amount of up to 35 million Euros. Within this framework, we, as Garanti BBVA, have sought to supply 200 respirators, taking into account the needs of our country. Before the National Solidarity campaign begins, we take the first step and allocate a fund of 10 million TL for the needs of our hospitals, and we support with the purchase of approximately 30 million TL in order to make a meaningful contribution to this campaign we own in the country. We believe that the way to get out of this process with the least loss is to support each other, to determine the needs correctly and to keep our cooperation alive. As Garanti BBVA subscribers, we will continue to continue our pioneering duty in this regard, with the awareness that human health is more important and priority than anything else. ” said.

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