The target in Samsun in 2020 is one thousand 100 kilometers of road

goal thousand miles per year
goal thousand miles per year

Despite the 'epidemic' in Samsun, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its road construction works, has turned the Upper Avdan - Demircili Group road into a 'Concrete Road'. President Mustafa Demir made a statement saying, “In Samsun, 2020 thousand kilometers will be made in 100”.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, despite the 'Coronavirus Outbreak, has raised the target in road works it has been taking by taking the necessary measures. When the municipal teams were finally converting the Upper Avdan - Demircili Group road to 'Concrete Road', Mayor Mustafa Demir announced that they will make over 2020 thousand kilometers in 100, including concrete, hot asphalt and surface coating.


The Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir continued his road mobilization with the aim of ensuring the safe transportation of the citizens by creating high quality and wide roads. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality teams, which have started more than 500 kilometers of roads in the works that started in July last year and continued until the end of the year, continue the road construction works in the 2020 program.


With the start of the season, the speed of their work kazanMetropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, who underlined the future of the disease, said, “In 2020, we carried out our work by taking all necessary precautions, apart from heavy rains and despite the coronavirus. Our teams completed 2020 kilometers of road construction in the first quarter of 60. As of May, with the start of the season, our work accelerates. kazanWe will complete the 100-kilometer road by the end of the year and make it available to our people," he said.


Explaining that the teams of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality are also working on the roads to prevent accidents that may occur in cross-vehicle vehicle crossings due to stenosis, they also prevented accumulation of water by opening trenches, thus ensuring the longevity of the roads. The road width of 4 meters on the Avdan - Demircili Group Road was increased to 6 meters, while the rainwater ditch was opened at 1 meter on the right and left. 6 kilometers of the group road were completed. The remaining 1 kilometer will be completed in the coming days and will be available for safe and comfortable transportation. ”

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