Free Mask Distribution Started in Public Transportation in Izmir
35 Izmir

Free Mask Distribution Starts in Public Transport in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to distribute free masks to buses, subways, trams and ship passengers at transfer centers, stations, stops and piers. Within the scope of the efforts to prevent the coronavirus epidemic, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made the use of masks mandatory in public places throughout the country. [more…]

Cash support has started from Izmir Büyükuksehir Municipality
35 Izmir

Cash Support Started from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality

Within the scope of the support given to families affected by the economic crisis deepened by the coronavirus epidemic, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was credited with 15 lira to the accounts of 576 thousand 400 families on the first day. Recommended by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, for families affected by the economic crisis [more…]

The building was quarantined in Istanbul Bagcilar
34 Istanbul

4 Buildings were Quarantined in Istanbul Bağcılar

With the decision of the District Sanitation Board in Istanbul Bağcılar, a quarantine decision was made for 4 buildings in the Merkez, Çınar, Kirazlı and Kazım Karabekir neighborhoods, after the coronavirus tests were positive in the building residents. The statement made by the Bağcılar District Governorship is as follows; `` On April 04, 2020 [more…]

Free masks are distributed to citizens in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Free Masks are Distributed to Citizens in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which requires masks for travel in public transport within the scope of the Action Plan to Combat Corona Virus, distributes free masks to citizens in trams, ticket offices and markets. Metropolitan, which took many measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic [more…]

izmir residents stay at home
35 Izmir

Izmir residents stay at home Izmir's roads are renewed

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Izmirians stay at their homes by following the calls, while the Metropolitan Municipality is renewing the streets and avenues of the empty Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar. When the streets are empty due to the coronavirus epidemic that threatens the world, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

tcdd bursa handed over the high speed train project to the device
16 Bursa

TCDD Transferred Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project to AYGM

It was just like yesterday… On December 12, 2012, when we gathered with great enthusiasm at the construction site at the entrance to Balat from Mudanya Road at the exit of the Gate, we were warm. That day… While the foundation was laid for the high-speed train to come to Bursa, it was announced that “residents of Bursa will be able to travel by high-speed train in 2016”. [more…]

Free mask for those who use mass transportation in.
55 Samsun

Free Mask for Those Using Public Transport in Samsun

Safe travel on trams and buses Samsun Metropolitan Municipality distributes 'Free' masks within the scope of 'Coronavirus Measures' to citizens traveling with trams and buses connected to SAMULAŞ. The measures and measures taken since the first day of the coronavirus epidemic have been strict. [more…]

interior ministry did not forget stray animals
06 Ankara

Stray Animals Having Difficulty in Finding Food

The Ministry of Interior has sent a new circular to 81 Provincial Governorships for stray animals that have difficulty in finding food due to the new type of coronavirus epidemic. In the circular on Street Animals, from the governorships; especially animal shelters, parks, gardens, etc. [more…]

reaching the black sea with freshness arkas line
34 Istanbul

The Black Sea Reaches With Arkas Line

The restrictions on the road due to the Covid-19 outbreak directed the exporter to different modes of transport. Standing out with its regular weekly ship services to the Black Sea, Arkas Line shortens transit times for fresh cargo with reefer (refrigerated) container shipments, while meeting the needs of exporters with cargo to the Black Sea. [more…]