How is the bus purchase process for the ego general directorate?
06 Ankara

What is the EGO Bus Purchase Process?

EGO General Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in order to meet the transportation demands of the city people in Ankara and to expand the public transportation network. [more…]

The coronavirus epidemic has hit public transport systems as well as human life
16 Bursa

Coronavirus Outbreak Has Badly Affected BURULAŞ

The coronavirus epidemic, which turned the earth into an open air prison, affected the public transport systems of local governments as well as human life. Yesterday, we called Mehmet Kürşat Çapar, the General Manager of BURULAŞ, an affiliate of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. To Capar [more…]

make your own mask at home
34 Istanbul

Make Your Own Mask At Home

ISMEK instructors have posted videos for those who want to make their own mask at home. In the video shared from IMB's social media accounts, the details of making masks were explained in detail. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, all [more…]

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