Steering from ego buses is now in women
06 Ankara

Steering in EGO Buses is Now in Women

EGO General Directorate has increased the number of transportation personnel in order to increase the quality of bus services with the vision of being an institution that brings Ankara residents to life in peace and security. [more…]

Ankara weekend ego and baskentray timetable
06 Ankara

Weekend EGO and Başkentray Expedition Times in Ankara

According to the statement made by the Ankara Governorship, the Provincial General Hygiene Board, which convened extraordinarily under the chairmanship of Governor Vasip Şahin, discussed the instructions of the Ministry of Interior and other issues on its agenda and made additional decisions. [more…]

Explanation about metrobus accident from iett
34 Istanbul

Statement by IETT About Metrobus Accident

IETT reported that the accident, in which two metrobuses collided in Avcılar, occurred as a result of one of the drivers fainting. In the statement made by IETT; "At 16.55 pm, Küçükçekmece with IMM Social Facilities on the Metrobus line [more…]

who are included in the curfew ban
06 Ankara

Who is Exempted in Curfew?

From the moment of the coronavirus outbreak, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee, in line with the instructions of our President; Managing the risk of epidemic / transmission in terms of public health and public order, [more…]

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