Lodos in the roof of the roof of the tram does damage the tram wire

Lodos, which flown in lodos, caused damage to tram wires: lodos, which was effective in the Marmara Region, caused the trees to be dismantled and the roofs of the workplaces. In Bursa, the transportation of a workplace smashed the tram wires and the transportation was lost.
Bursa last night, effective in the morning, the morning hours 60 kilometers went up. Especially in central Yildirim and Osmangazi districts, a large number of trees were broken and dismantled. In the morning, a workplace flying in the city square, made of iron roof, urban transportation, which attracts the burden 'Silkworm' called the electric wires of the tram system thought thought could not be made. Carbon monoxide gas 4 poisoned people in Bursa, a person falling on the path of the crease falling to the hospital was injured.
Violent lodos also canceled the sea bus and ferry services that were held in Bursa with Istanbul. BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy, from Mudanya, Istanbul Kabataşannounced to Istanbul that the reciprocating sea bus services are canceled today and tomorrow. İDO announced that the ferry and sea bus will not operate until the evening hours.
Due to the storm, the ropeway operation could not carry passengers to Uludağ, which has seen mobility since yesterday's break. Ropeway expeditions, until Monday the flights were canceled.
Meterology officials, the clock speed of up to 70 kilometers of heavy wind expected to rise to the rain on Monday will lose the effect of raining, he said.

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