High-speed train arriving to ensure Asian-European transition

The high-speed train that will provide the transition to Asia-Europe is coming: In Istanbul, for the first time the details of the high-speed train project that will provide the transition to Asia-Europe reached SABAH. The project, which is planned to be integrated into the 3 bridge and metro, will start in 2016 and be completed in 2018.
A new step was taken to relieve the traffic in Istanbul. It comes to the third bridge and the subway integrated high speed train. The transition route of the train, which was planned to ensure the transition to Asia-Europe, was announced. For the first time in the details of the project reached SABAH. The line will start on 2016 and will be launched at 2018. The train to leave from Gebze will cross the third bridge and visit the third airport. 152 mileage in total Halkalıwill arrive. Then the line, in the first place Tekirdag Çerkezköyand then extended to Edirne. Here are the details of the project:
The project will be shared with the public this year. Studies are in progress. The project will provide significant convenience to those living in Istanbul, Izmit and Thrace. The studies will begin when the third bridge is completed by the end of the year. The line is scheduled to be operational until 2018. The project is important in the transportation of city passengers in terms of providing fast and uninterrupted transportation.
The high-speed train is currently operating on the Istanbul-Eskişehir-Ankara line. The new line starting from Gebze will continue towards Tuzla and will make a return to Sultanbeyli from the north of the TEM Motorway. After continuing from the southern front of Sultanbeyli to Çekmeköy, Beykoz Görele District will enter the third bridge in the direction of Zerzevatçı village. The bridge will pass in double lines.
According to the project which provides access to the third airport by rail system; the high-speed train will enter a tunnel of 700 meters on the European Side at the exit of the bridge. The train, which will continue on its own route, will stop at the third airport. Then Odayeri returned to Basaksehir via Damascus. Halkalıwill end in. Köseköy-Halkalı The total distance between the 152 kilometers will be used for train, transit.
Train Gayrettepe Metro Halkalı It will be integrated with the Train Station. Study will be carried out to accommodate the transfer centers and urban rail system lines. The train will be determined as the highest possible speed and the airport access time will be minimized.
Private wagons will be used for trains to be used in the project. The cabins will be aerodynamically apparent, which will give you a high-speed train silhouette. Five alternative designs will be developed. In the vehicle interior space, a special area for the disabled will be foreseen. Arrangements will be made to ensure practical use of baggage passengers.

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