Kayseri-Mersin fast train will add vitality to the trade

Kayseri-Mersin high-speed train will bring vitality to the trade: Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO) President Mahmut Hiçyılmaz informed the press members about the 2014 year activities. At the meeting held in a hotel, describing the year-long work accompanied by the slide Asamilmaz, gave information about the future plans of the room. Ever since their inception, they attach importance to the participation of the members in the administration, stating that they have adopted a participatory and democratic management approach.
Indicating that as Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, they held about 30 meetings for more active and functional use of the covered bazaar, He continued as follows: “We conducted 3 different surveys. We have determined the measures to be taken by including local governments in these meetings. We have expressed the establishment of a logistic village in Kayseri and high-speed train works at every opportunity. We believed that most of Kayseri's exports are from Mersin port and that the high-speed train between Kayseri and Mersin will contribute significantly to the export of the city. We will also build a service building on the land owned by KTO next to Kayseri Chamber of Industry. Our current building is inadequate. We designed a multi-purpose building with the competition and we will start to serve here by building the building in the near future. ”




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