3. Name of Airport 2. Abdulhamid Olsun Offer

  1. The Name of the Airport 2. Let Abdulhamid Offer: The Judgment Magazine made a surprise proposal about the name of the 3rd Airport, which is still under construction, '2. Abdulhamid be said.
    2015 is the third year of 25. Proceeding with the issue of the edition of the edition of the edition of the edition of the edition of the January issue was met with readers.
    Things that will 3 airport of Sultan Abdulhamid's name should be emphasized that the provisions Magazine, '' Turkey's New International Signs: tackles the subject with the Ulu Hakan Havalimanı''Manşet Abdul Hamid Khan.
    The new issue of the journal includes the following relevant topics:
    The elimination of a decadent state by a political consciousness that can sustain a full 33 year will remove the most important obstacles to the road to Islam unity / Hilafete. The values ​​we lost with Abdulhamid will return to our world with Abdulhamid.
    The Ummah, who has been exposed to a great wave of invasions, will recover again around the concept of mana and the concept of the Caliphate, which ends with Abdulhamid.
    Because the texts of the sermons of his time have been passed down from generation to generation in the Islamic world, Abdulhamid is remembered as the last patron of the ummah in his plan.
    If durum One minute aset is a great affirmation without being subjected to intimacy test by the ummah, it must be known that this is directly related to succession to Abdulhamid.
    However, the Ummah still loves us with Abdulhamid, he remembers his water wells; Therefore, his name should be written to such a point that every Muslim who comes to this land should have the excitement of coming to his country. If Istanbul's newest airport is called  Ulu Hakan Abdulhamid Khan Â, the capital of Nasim-i Islam, every Muslim who descends to Istanbul the continuation of coming to the center of the caliphate, the sadness will be separated.
    At that time, the name of Yavuz Sultan to the bridge connecting Asia to Europe,
    Give the new Turkey the meaning it deserves kazanwill stop. It is possible to subscribe to Hüküm, a science, idea and movement magazine, which includes master names such as Yusuf Kaplan, İhsan Şenocak, Nureddin Yıldız, Adem Özköse, Mustafa Özcan, Yahya Regular, and is published every month with an Arabic supplement, for 15 TL, as well as the newspaper. also available from dealers.


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