Snowfall Hits YHT Flights

Snowfall Shot Flight: Bilecik snowfall, High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights caused delays. According to the information, the Istanbul-Ankara voyage YHT, Bilecik Bozüyük district Kurtköy district 2 hour delay was made. Due to the fact that the railings on the route could not withstand the weight of the accumulated snow, a power outage occurred due to falling on the voltage line. The blackout caused YHT to be delayed. After the repair of the voltage line, YHT continues its voyage, due to the negativity, 2 will complete its expedition late.


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  1. It's irrational. A YHT line can be experienced only by calculating what can happen in the 12 annually, based on a certain assumption! This is the usual basic planning features of such lines.
    If there is a situation where artifacts occur due to harsh winter conditions instead of the extraordinary weather conditions (called isi Hundred Years of Anomalies (), where 12 is expected to occur once in a year, XNUMX can be used only in case of artifacts. / errors can be mentioned.