İZBAN line up real estate prices in Torbalı

İZBAN line raised real estate prices in Torbalı: According to the latest research conducted by EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme, Torbalı, which is among the 8 largest districts in İzmir and known as the biggest industrial center of the city, has gone up and housing development has increased by 15-20 percent It was determined that an increase was observed.
EVA Real Estate Appraisal Consultancy Inc., which states that Torbalı is connected to Izmir by a double track railway with 45 km length, is the most important and big industrial center of Izmir with its connections to the highways, Adnan Menderes Airport and the Aegean Free Zone. İzmir Branch Regional Manager Filiz Akkaya; Bir These advantages in transportation have brought the district to a very important point. Companies such as Alfemo, Merinos and JTI have a factory in Torbalı; Tukas, Opel, Chevrolet, Dr. Oetker and Philsa carried their centers to the district. Pancar OIZ, which is currently operating, and Torbalı OIZ, which is expected to start operating in the near future, have 2 units in the district. Finally, the extension of the Menderes - Aliağa İZBAN line to Torbalı, the region started to increase not only in industry but also in real estate. Recently, an increase in housing development and real estate prices has started to be seen in the region, Son he said.
İZBAN commuter line increases unit square meter prices in district center
Akkaya stated that the housing stock in the district of Torbalı is mostly seen in the district of Fevzi Çakmak and in the district center and that the buildings in these areas are generally 4-5 storey apartment buildings; Özellikle The fact that the IZBAN suburban line which will be in operation in 2011 in the near future will be in Torbalı district center has increased m2 unit prices recently in the district center, “he said.
In the center of the city in the year 2012 for the newly built dwellings unit prices xNUMX-2TL / m950 xNUMX-1.100TL / m2 levels, while in the old housing 750-950TL / m2 levels, said Akkaya; Eld These figures have increased to 2013-1.100TL / m1.250 levels for newly built apartments in 2 and to 850-1.000TL / m2 for older houses. In 2014, the values ​​increased to 1.100-1.500TL in new homes. As mentioned earlier, the İZBAN suburb has a serious impact, as we mentioned before.
Prices in Fevzi Çakmak Quarter are also on the rise
Akkaya stated that one of the most valued regions after the district center is Fevzi Cakmak District. he said he reached. Akkaya, 2012 unit prices in the unit m900 1.100-2 TL / m2013 levels of the old housing in the 1.000-1.100 TL / m2 2014 level of the year, he noted.
Akkaya, independent and old housing stock in the district where the region is seen more, Kuşçuburun, Pamukyazı, Subaşı and surrounding neighborhoods, he said.
There are zoning problems in industrial areas in the district
Akkaya stated that there are zoning problems in the industrial areas of the district and related to the unit m2 prices in these areas; . In 2013 within the beetroot OSB, while the unit values ​​of m2 were 100-120TL, 2014 increased to 2 in 157,50. 3. In the quarter, the unit sales of the advance sales m2, determined by the OIZ management, went up to 173,25TL.
The m2 unit values ​​range from 60TL to 100TL according to the location of industrial land located on the Beet road where there are partial reconstruction problems. M2 unit prices are in the vicinity of 30TL / m2. 2013-100TL unit prices in 110 have increased to around 2-2014 in 110.
While the m2 unit values ​​vary between 100-150TL according to the zoning conditions and location in the region, which is described as being close to Torbalı, these numbers go up to 250TL on the main road. Torbalı OIZ, which has not been operational yet, is not yet clear about the square meter unit values.
The m2 unit values ​​are around 60-70TL in the Subaşı District, which is another region where the industrial construction is observed, and the figures on the main road rise up to the level of 100TL / m2 Sanayi.
In agricultural areas with fertile soils, the unit values ​​of square meters are high.
Finally, speaking about the agricultural areas in the region Akkaya; Ç In the region of Torbali, agricultural activities can be seen in approximately 32.000. Since the region has fertile soils as agricultural areas, square meter values ​​are high. In these areas, the areas away from the center but with a good land structure and road fronts are at the levels of 8-10TL / m2. As it approaches the mainland and the center in similar qualified areas, the values ​​rise up to 10-15TL / m2 levels. It is seen that these values ​​are at the 3-5TL / m2 levels in the less favorable slope and center-land areas in terms of agricultural activities Tarım.

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