Yellow Angels Rescues Patient Without Snow, Winter

Yellow Angels Snow, Not Before Winter, Save the Patient: Winter months in Erzurum, which is one of the most challenging provinces to ensure that all kinds of human health is not endangered. Thousands of ski-heavy host Palandöken Mountain teams, the continent is waiting for possible accidents. Emergency patients in the village roads to the road, intervenes in the 112 Command Center teams to intervene in the injuries of traffic accidents.

When snow is sufficient for skiing, those who want to ski are flocking to Palandöken Ski Center. Skiing lovers, especially on weekends, are home to thousands of people in Palandöken Mountain. Provincial Emergency Disaster Management Search and Rescue teams are waiting for the ready continent at the summit of the Palandoken mountain. The health team started to work in the winter season, not only in Erzurum, but also in the surrounding cities, the avalanche disaster immediately intervenes by helicopter. With the 2 snow engine and special equipment, teams with continuous field control sometimes risk their own lives.


Ministry of Health Erzurum 112 Command Control Center, teams are constantly recovering patients in winter conditions. In Erzurum, snowways (snowmobile) and tracked ambulances can be used for emergency patients in villages with roads due to heavy snowfall in winter. Health teams are trying to save patients in all conditions, stating that lar in the regions where the winter months are difficult to be healthy to provide health services is very difficult. We're working hard to save patients. ”We are ready to intervene with all of our equipment at our 112 Emergency Command Control Center for any emergency in winter. Kış

Health teams are going through the lorry to the nearest open road to the village road which is closed by snowtrack and tracked ambulance. The teams coming to the closed area reach the patient from the snow with the equipped vehicles and take the first intervention to the health institution.