This is our flying train

This is our flying train: Karadeniz Technical University Physics Department Head Prof. Dr. Ekrem Yanmaz and his team made a magnetic rail train prototype, whose speed will reach 586 kilometers per hour. The project, which was accepted by TÜBİTAK, was sent to the Ministry of Science and Technology for approval. Stating that in the project they started 4 years ago, they managed to produce a prototype that could go 2 centimeters above the ground with zero friction. Dr. Stating that the magnetic rail train was implemented in China and Germany, Ekrem Yanmaz said: “This is a high-tech race. Turkey will remain only in the prototype. We took the project we completed to TÜBİTAK.

It was adopted on the priority projects between Turkey and was placed in the 2023 vision. A resource of 2 million lira was given for this. We currently have a 3-year study plan. Accordingly, we started to produce larger magnetic crystals for passenger transportation. However, it is not enough. We presented the project to the Ministry of Science and Technology. They also liked it very much. We want to pay attention to the investment program and do this at a distance of 60 or 70 kilometers, at least as an exemplary model. "We will start working after the acceptance of the Ministry."




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