Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center specializes

Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center become privatized: The immovables in Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center, the areas under the rule and possession of the state, and the cafeterias, tracks, lifts, ponds and similar structures and other assets on them will be privatized together with the rights on them.

Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center in Erzurum will be put up for sale after being improved.

The Privatization Administration included Palandöken Ski Center and Konaklı Ski Center in the scope of privatization. The immovables located here will be privatized with the rights on the areas under the rule and possession of the state, cafeterias, tracks, lifts, ponds and similar structures and other assets. The unit affiliated to tta Gayrimenkul A.Ş. was completed and started its service in order to manage and monitor the central services on site. In order to prepare the facilities for privatization, ski centers including tracks, lifts, gondola and chair lift will be collected in one hand, a single ticket system, 'skipass' and technical infrastructure will be established, single security, search-rescue and health systems will be established, this system will be managed from a single source Technical and administrative staff will be employed for Various studies will also be carried out in order to bring ski resorts to international standards. Then, the promotion of the facilities in the national and international tourism market will be increased, and support will be given to encouraging activities in schools for skiing in the country. The private sector will also be encouraged to invest in ski resort management.

In this context, the process of rehabilitation work for ski resorts, operational improvement (lifts, runways, snow crushing, artificial snow making, ticketing system and mechanical facilities and repair of snow vehicles), hotels and restaurants, ski school, ski rental, mountain activities, reconstruction The plan will be carried out on three basic pillars of sales and promotion. In order to assist the Privatization Administration in the privatization of ski resorts, and to provide the facilities with international standards, together with winter tourism and sports, as an expert consultancy company in the Olympic facility management and management, the agreement was also signed with the McKinsey-Pas Grau International SA Consortium.

Introduced to the world

The priority infrastructural problems of the ski centers will be completed before the next ski season. From the 360 degree panoramic shot to the various promotional methods, everything will be used to promote the centers. After the work of increasing the management capacity of the personnel, all centers including new lifts, gondolas and runway areas will be brought to the international scale. Support will be received from expert organizations for these studies. Then, in order to increase the demand, promotional tours will be held in the Middle East, Central Asian Republics, Russia and European centers.

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