Michelin explains fuel-saving secrets

Michelin explains the secrets of fuel savings: Michelin, the pioneer of the Green Tire concept, proves its sensitivity to low fuel consumption with suggestions to drivers.
Michelin, one of the world's largest tire manufacturers, advises drivers to save fuel while traveling. Michelin, who believes that a cleaner and more efficient driving experience should be created for a sustainable environment, explains the energy saving tips.
Michelin, one of the pioneers of the çalışıy green tire ma cosmopolitan, is working to create a sustainable environment with the most important responsibility of providing road safety and low fuel consumption. Michelin continues to be on the side of the drivers with suggestions for a cleaner environment and lower fuel consumption. Here are the recommendations that make the difference:
Use rubber for seasonal conditions
Michelin drivers winter tire in winter; In summer, the summer tire should be used. Winter tires used in summer are not suitable because of the loss of performance. To compensate for this loss, more gas must be pressed. This will have more fuel consumption.
Increases fuel consumption from sudden acceleration or deceleration
Drives avoid major speeds and drive in a gear that matches your speed. It increases the cost of life as well as jeopardizing the life safety of urban legends such as ğı Get the car's gear downhill when you go downhill, save fuel anel.
Tire pressure affects rolling resistance
Tire pressure directly affects the use of economical vehicles. As the air pressure drops, the rolling resistance of the tire increases. The resulting loss of energy by the motor causes more fuel consumption. Inadequate air pressure also leads to rapid wear on tires, reducing tire life by up to 30.
Pay attention to the tires with their service life!
When the tread depth of your tires falls below the legal limit of 1.6 mm, it causes losses in handling and performance during the movement. In this case, drivers consume more fuel to compensate for the performance loss caused by the tire.

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