with Europe Çerkezköy Trade Via

with Europe Çerkezköy Over Trade: Republic of Turkey State Railways Çerkezköy According to the Logistics Department data 1 January-22 May Çerkezköy 9 bin 902 wagons from the train station 181 thousand 55 moved the tonnes load.

TCDD Çerkezköy 1 January-22 May 2014 Çerkezköy 9 thousand 902 wagons were transported from the Railway Station, while 181 moved the 55 tonal load to the thousand 60. While the 40 of the transported goods was registered as imports,% XNUMX was registered as exports.

Çerkezköy-Halkalı while it is stated that the passenger and freight train services could not be done due to the road maintenance and repair works between the two, the wagons coming from abroad and the wagons going abroad and the loading and unloading of the cargoes. Çerkezköy Train Station.

Çerkezköy TCDD at 2013 14 in the 121 Train Station Çerkezköy Logistics Chiefs of the last year 351 thousand 316 tons of cargo has been transported and transported by a rate of around 60 a percentage of the imports, while around 40 a percentage of the export.

Halkalı-Çerkezköy train services to Europe due to road maintenance and repair work can not be done due to Çerkezköy and the cargoes of trains from Europe. Çerkezköy Station officials said, 'Export to Europe by rail Çerkezköy Train Station is being done through. Firms with trucks or trucks Çerkezköy He brings them to the train station and these loads are loaded onto trains and sent to Europe. Products imported from Europe are also Çerkezköy He's at the station and he's unloaded here. Then they are transported to different points of the country with trucks and trucks Daha.

Çerkezköy-Halkalı TCDD, which states that trains are expected to return to normal at the end of August or at the beginning of 2015. Çerkezköy Logistics Chiefs, the road repair and maintenance work is completed after the completion of the passenger and freight train service will be restarted by specifying, çalış When the flights back to normal Çerkezköy The density at the Railway Station will also decrease. Most of the loading and unloading operations Halkalıfrom iler to be made '.

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