Ankaparkta land train dry

Ankaparkta land train dry: Metropolitan Municipality Başaknı Melih Gökçek, "Prestij projem" he introduced the Ankapark'ın Theme Park section of the four-rail and 320 people will provide transportation by land train, he said.

He studied the Ankapark on the way of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, and asked the President Melih Gökçek about the final version.
On the 2 million 100 thousand square meter land, Park Melih Gokcek said that the works on Ankapark, which continues under the name of Theme Park and Wildlife Park, continues rapidly.
Tr Visitors in the Theme Park section will land on the black train to navigate the area more easily. The train capacity will be 320 people and will consist of four wagons with the locomotive. The 75 meter-long train will allow families and children to enjoy their time.


We're about to finish the job at Ankapark. The Theme Park and Wildlife Park Area will be surrounded by an 3 meter-high 8 mile-long project. The 4 kilometer of the wall was completed. Theme Park in the center of the pond of 100 thousand square meters of the installation of the giant fountain will start today tomorrow. Turkey Themed Movie of the steel structure manufacturing system with external paneling to bits. The manufacturing of electrical infrastructure in the area has continued, but the projects of the walkways and urban services have also been completed.


The project, which will bring great economic contribution to Ankara, excites our citizens living in Ankara. Citizens showed great interest in the park where we opened our doors during the construction phase. From the material used to the toys inside, we showed them all. We also showed how the final version of Ankapark will be with cinevision shows. Here, the most attention of our citizens, Ankapark'da was the excess of green space. Approximately 100 thousand different types of trees and plants from various regions will begin planting soon. Some of the trees to be planted were brought to the temporary nursery established on the edge of Istanbul Road. Families will walk to the green here.



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