Two important headlines of the logistics sector were published

Two major headlines of the logistics sector came out with renewed pressure
UTİKAD's ”International Transport Management“ and ”Logistics Management“
set to the service of the industry with extended 4

"International Transport Management" and "Logistics", which was published for the first time in 2003 and the previous edition was made in 2009.
Management ”books, in line with the developing industry dynamics and changing legislation,
is offered for sale.

Associate Professor. Metin Çancı and Prof.Dr. Prepared by Murat Erdal and legislation, academic life, logistics
These two books, which contain the changes and developments in the world, require the knowledge of students and sector employees at all levels.
aims to meet.

this year 2003 from Turkey to contribute to preparing rapidly to a more competitive world
As a part of UICAD's academic consultancy services,
International Transport Management, Logistics Management, Global Logistics, Foreign Trade and Logistics
Dictionary, Management in Logistics Business - Organization and Fleet Management, International Railway Goods Transport
and the Warehouse Management 7 book.

As UTIKAD's information and reference source to the sector and educational institutions kazanAt the same time, all logistics
education in vocational high schools, vocational high schools and universities as textbooks
is considered as a reference publication.

Development of Turkish transport and logistics sector and trained manpower
to support the strengthening of the source of the work of the books
great contribution and support came from members again.

Arkas Holding, Balnak Logistics, to the new edition of "International Transport Management" and "Logistics Management"
General Transport, Koparan International Transport and MNG Airlines PLATIN; Batı Group, Ceynak Logistics, DHL
Global, Galata Transportation, Omsan Logistics, Trans Orient International Transportation, Yekas Logistics, Domestic Freight
ALTIN, Batu International Transportation, Know Customs Brokerage, Dogan Logistics, Kosta Sandalci, Pan Logistics, Planet
International Transport, Reibel Transport, Serp Logistics, UPS and UTI Transport SILVER as a supporter
while TIM-Turkey Exporters Assembly from among the Gold Sponsors.

UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin, with the new edition of the sector and education offered
the field of activity in transportation and logistics, together with the technological developments,
At a time when diversification of skills, a basic guiding logistics service for developers and consuming in Turkey
indicating that UTIKAD is focused on the future of the sector.
he said it was important.

Erkeskin said, “With up-to-date knowledge and equipment, kazanOur employees will improve our service quality and volume in the future.
is the only basic building block to determine. Two of our renewed books, current market changes, technical statistics
and a valuable source of sample reviews. Stakeholders speak a common language, logistics
to create a eri sectoral identity vizyon that closely monitors and interprets developments in the world
our academicians, trainers who will direct the future of our sector,
to be beneficial to our employees and sector students
We wish dil.

International Transport Management book, which is available as two sets of books; for each type of transport
the legal framework of transportation, responsibilities of the parties, transport units and related documents, logistics management
The book covers storage, handling, customs clearance, distribution and insurance in the global network.

International Transport and
Association of Logistics Service Producers

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