Aydın Fast Train Project No 2023 Year Investment Program!

📩 27/11/2018 16:00

Aydin Fast Train Project No 2023 Year Program! It was revealed that the high-speed train investments to be made in Aydın were not included in the railway program until 2023.

In the 2023 vision for the ongoing railway network, it was revealed that Aydın's high-speed train project was not included in the program.


Aydın had experienced great joy after learning that railway works would be integrated into the fast train. However, the situation in the 2023 railway vision was not so.


railway construction works continued throughout Turkey thus prepared maps in the present case, the high-speed train lines are more clearly defined.
However, it can be seen that Aydın has not taken its place on the map as the region where high speed train lines will pass.


Aydın's failure to take part in the 2016-2023 high-speed train vision has left public expectations in vain. The fact that Aydın was not included in the program was of great importance in the map where the railway network targets were announced.

Source: AydınPost

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