Revolution Martyr Kubilay To Be Commemorated On His 92nd Death Anniversary

Revolution Martyr Kubilay's Death Will Be Commemorated on the Anniversary
Revolution Martyr Kubilay To Be Commemorated On His 92nd Death Anniversary

Martyr Ensign Kubilay and his friends will be commemorated in Menemen tomorrow. The program, which will start with the 10-kilometer road run and the official commemoration ceremony in Yıldıztepe, will continue with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Classical Turkish Music Chorus concert, panel and film screening.

Martyr Ensign Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay, Guard Hasan and Guard Şevki Bey, who were murdered by the opponents of the Republic 92 years ago in Menemen, will be commemorated tomorrow (Friday, 23 December). The commemoration activities will start at 10.00:16 with the official ceremony at the Kubilay Monument in Yıldıztepe. At the same time, the 11.00th Martyr Asteğmen Kubilay Road Race, organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, will also start. There will be a march to Cumhuriyet Square at XNUMX:XNUMX. Prizes will be given to the winners of the road race in Cumhuriyet Square. The commemoration program will continue with the Classical Turkish Music Choir Concert of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Panel and movie screening

In the all-day commemoration program, "Revolution Martyr Kubilay" panel will be held at Menemen Municipality İsmet İnönü Cultural Center at 12.45. Kemalist Thought Association President Mustafa Hüsnü Bozkurt and Dr. Ahmet Mehmetefendioğlu will attend as a speaker, the Chairman of the National Holidays Committee Atty. After the panel moderated by Ulvi Puğ, the documentary film "Kubilay: The Menemen Incident" will be screened at 14.00:XNUMX.

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