24-Hour Water Outage in Yıldırım and Osmangazi Districts of Bursa

Hourly Water Outage in Bursa's Yıldırım and Osmangazi Districts
24-Hour Water Outage in Yıldırım and Osmangazi Districts of Bursa

As part of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's project that will mark the future of the city, water will be cut off in 25 neighborhoods of Yıldırım and Osmangazi districts for 24 hours on Sunday, December 28, as the drinking water lines in the area will be replaced.

The Historical Bazaar and Inns Area, which started to form in the 14th century in Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and completed its development in the 16th century with the formation of inns, covered bazaars and bazaars, regains its former glory. While the project of the Metropolitan Municipality, which is also supported by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, continues with the infrastructure displacement after the demolition, the current drinking water lines in the area where the multi-storey car park will be built will be relocated on Sunday, December 25. The BUSKİ teams, which have been working intensively in the region since 13 December, will start their work after midnight on Saturday, 24 December and will complete the work at midnight on Sunday. During the study, water cuts will be applied in 28 neighborhoods in Osmangazi and Yıldırım districts. The neighborhoods where water cuts will be made between 25:2022 – 00:10 on 23 December 50 are as follows:

“OSMANGAZİ: Doburca District, İnkaya District İlk Adım Cad.-İz Sk.-İçmeler sc. In the streets and streets between Çekirge Mahallesi Uludağ Yolu Cd.- Kadıköy Sokak Amam Cadde, Selvili Cadde, Süleyman Street, Çekirge Mahallesi Gül Sokak-Çevik Sokak, Hamzabey Mahallesi Hamzabey Caddesi-Hulkibey Caddesi, Kocanaip Mahallesi Kaplıca Caddesi- On the streets and streets between Kızlar Caddesi, Yahşibey District Yahşibey Street and Bayır Street, Şehreküstü District Cemal Nadir Street-Haşim İşcan Street, Tuzpazarı District Haşim İşcan Street- İnönü Street, Tahtakale District Kazım Baykal Street, Nalbantoğlu District Akbıyık Street. In the streets and avenues between Hocaalizade District Painter Şefik Bursalı Street-Işık Sokak, Kayhan District Yeni Cumhuriyet Street- Yağız Street…

YILDIRIM: In the streets and streets between Yeşil Mahallesi Gökdere Boulevard -Kurtoğlu Mahallesi İpekçiler Cadde, Namazgah Caddesi- Hocataşkın Mahallesi Emir Sultan Caddesi- Emir Sultan Mahallesi- Zeyniler Caddesi-Meydancık Mahallesi İncirli Caddesi, Davutkadı Neighborhood Davutkadı Cadde, Ortayol Sokak- Yediselviler Mahallesi Güvercin Sokak , Kirazlı Street- Yeşilyayla District Çağlayan Street, Pınar Street- Baruthane District TMA Street, Baraklar Street- M. Akif Ersoy District Maruf Street, Yuva Street, Altıntaş Street and the streets and streets between them, Baruthane District High Street, Aladağ Street- Education District Akyüz Street, Emek Street, Prof. In the streets and streets between Tezok Street- Değirmenlikızık District TMA Street, Huzurevi Street, Tütüncüoğlu Street, Selçukbey Mahallesi Selçukbey Street, Prof. In the streets and streets between Tezok Street, İpek Street, Galata Street, Gülbahar Street, Güllük District Fatih Street, Madenci Street - Mimar Sinan District Mimar Sinan Street, Fruitli Street, Şevket Yılmaz Hospital-Siteler Mahallesi Kanuni Street, the street between the 3rd Street. and in the streets, around 1.Fidan Street, 2.Dışyaka Street and 2.Temiz Street in Değirmenönü District.”

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