Ways to Minimize Data Loss in Electronic Devices in Fire

Ways to Minimize Data Loss from Electronic Devices in Fire
Ways to Minimize Data Loss in Electronic Devices in Fire

In Turkey, 2021 was the year with the highest number of fires in the last 9 years. Data Recovery Services General Manager Serap Günal, who states that in addition to endangerment of living life, especially in fires, also serious damage to electronic devices, shares 4 steps to minimize data loss in all kinds of electronic devices exposed to high heat and smoke.

The weather is warming up, the thermometers are reaching record temperatures, and the fires are increasing. Electronic devices can also be seriously damaged in fires where living spaces and living life are damaged. Reminding that they are in a digital world where data is especially valuable, Data Recovery Services General Manager Serap Günal states that the amount of data loss in all kinds of electronic devices varies depending on many different factors, from exposure to fire to extra pollutants such as smoke and sand. Günal emphasizes that the most important step is not to operate when the fire is extinguished and the devices are reached, and lists 4 tips to minimize data loss.

1. Never operate the electronic device. Even if the only damage experienced is smoke damage, forcing all devices such as computers and phones exposed to high fire to work may cause more data loss on the hard disk of the device.

2. If it gets wet, do not try to dry it. Electronic devices may get wet during the extinguishing of the fire, in such a case the device should not be dried. After saving the hard drives from the fire, it would be best to wipe them with a towel to remove excess moisture and hand them over to the experts in a plastic bag.

3. Do not shake the device. Many users try to shake, disassemble, or clean fire damaged electronic devices to see if their components are intact. While shaking or trying to open these devices, which are very sensitive, even when they are healthy, these movements should be avoided especially in burnt devices.

4. Get support from data recovery experts. During a fire, electronic devices can melt and become sealed. In such extra cases, never touching the device and getting support from an expert as fast as possible may provide some data recovery.

5. Don't forget to backup. Regardless of fire, earthquake or flood, the risk of damage to the devices is very high in any natural disaster or unexpected situation. It is very important to make regular backups in order to be prepared for such situations and to prevent data loss.

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