USİAD and Karbala Chamber of Commerce Signed Cooperation Protocol

USIAD and Karbala Chamber of Commerce Sign Cooperation Protocol
USİAD and Karbala Chamber of Commerce Signed Cooperation Protocol

A cooperation protocol was signed between the International Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (USİAD) and the Karbala Chamber of Commerce.

Visiting the Iraqi city of Karbala, USİAD signed an important commercial agreement there. Nassif Jassem Al-Khattabi, the Governor of Karbala, came together with the Karbala Chamber of Commerce and USİAD Chairman Nevaf Kılıç and his management signed a cooperation protocol.

Turkish companies will be able to benefit from the agreement, which will increase cooperation between the two countries and serve the region. Making a statement about the study, Nevaf Kılıç, President of USİAD, said, “New features and effects on our country in the commercial sense that will increase Turkey's influence in the Middle East. kazanWe continue to work on it. In this context, we believe that with the signature we signed in Karbala, we have opened new doors to our local companies.”

“We attach great importance to the enrichment of Turkey's commercial life with its close neighbor Iraq and to increase the trade volume between the two countries. We know that the approval of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is in this direction. As USİAD, we will continue to take our steps in the interests of both countries.”

“We would like to thank everyone who contributed to and progress in the preparation of the cooperation, and express our gratitude to our friends for the kind welcome and hospitality shown in Karbala. We are sure that this process will be beneficial for Iraq.”

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