International Science Project Reached 20 Thousand Students in 5 Years

International Science Project Reached Thousand Students Per Year
International Science Project Reached 20 Thousand Students in 5 Years

Space Camp Turkey celebrated the 2002th anniversary of the Science with Sister Schools Program that it started in 20. A total of 255 students and teachers attended the celebrations, which spanned two different weeks. In the 20 years that the project was implemented, it reached more than 5 thousand students in total.

By matching students in Turkey with students from different countries; The Science Program with Sister Schools, which enables them to collaborate on science and space technologies and contributes to the establishment of new friendships, has completed its 20th year. The 1600th anniversary of the program, which has reached more than 5 thousand students with 20 video conference connections since the beginning of the project, was celebrated with camp activities held in two separate weeks. Children from Turkey, as well as the United States, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, England, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine, participate in the Galactic Summer Camp programs, known as “E-Pal Week”, held between 19 June and 3 July. joined.


Participating in the Science Program with Sister Schools from Poland, the teacher Dr. Anna Bigos gave the words “A fun, educational and definitely an unforgettable experience for all our students” for Space Camp Turkey, while student Amelia Domeradzka emphasized that they communicated with their friends from Turkey through videoconferences and worked on joint projects during the project, and that they met by participating in the camp. Domeradzka said, “Space Camp Turkey is a much more beautiful place than I expected, we saw many space-related vehicles and areas. Everyone here is great, I'm so happy to be here,” she said.

Participants aged between 9 and 15; During the six-day program, they participated in special events. Fun and educational activities such as training with astronaut simulators offered in the program, virtual space flight mission with Discovery Space Shuttle Model in Space Station integration, virtual Mars trip, special events night, barbecue party attracted great attention. Participants who shared their projects they worked on throughout the year at the science fair organized this week; They learned practically how to communicate with a professional radio connection through the Izmir Branch of the Turkish Radio Amateurs Association, and took a videoconference lesson on “farming in space” from Biotechnology Specialist Arno Den Toom.


The summer camp programs of Space Camp Turkey, which promises space technologies education in a unique environment for those who want to spend their holidays productively, will continue until the end of August. While the students participating in the program receive hands-on training on astronaut training, they will form friendships with participants from different countries and participate in culture sharing activities.

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